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An Island Retreat: Lambay Whiskey

There's so much to see all over the globe and sometimes we wish we could get see it all.  Do our schedules, finances and responsibilities even permit that?  For most of us the answer is no, but we try our darndest anyway.  For those of us who relish in the idea of sneaking away every week or perhaps even every evening after a hard day, how comforting that we can rely on food & drink, scents and imagery to transport us temporarily to where our passports are unable to at the moment.  With food and drink being the most powerful of the trio, it's always interesting to discover the flavors that are tied to and distinct to a land and its borders making it all the more intriguing.

Some of the best places on earth haven't been heavily disturbed by man and his footprint.  Lambay Island is one of those places.  Lying just a mere three miles off the coast of Dublin, Lambay Island  boasts a diverse ecosystem free from the trampling of an overabundance of people in lieu of the presence of unique wildlife, clean water and foliage kissed by the Irish sea air.  This environ set the perfect tone for the infamous French family, Maison Camus, to add a unique pair of Irish whiskies to their already renowned cognacs.  Alexander Baring, 7th Baron Revelstoke and 5th generation Camus member, Cyril Camus joined forces to take the beauty of Baring's ancestral home and merge it with the spirit-craftsmanship of the Maison Camus and have come up with Lambay Irish Whiskey.  

Just as quaint and seasoned as the cycle of life on Lambay are the curation of these whiskies.  There are two varieties, Lambay Whiskey Single Malt and Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend.  The Single Malt rests in oak cognac casks shipped from the Maison Camus and are exposed to the maritime winds and oceanic essences bathing Lambay.  The Small Batch Blend, matured in bourbon casks with a cognac cask finish, is truly small batch, not with a big production undertaking, ensuring a full balanced flavor profile for each bottle.  Lambay Island Trinity well water, the unique ocean spray with notes of seaweed, iodine and salt and fresh island botanicals all conspire to give the whiskies a uniquely smooth texture.  The fuller-colored, lower rye content Single Malt lingers with an green fruit herbal & floral sweetness while the triple-distilled Small Batch Blend offers up a lighter-colored nutty, spicy and floral balanced flavor profile. 

Now I'm not saying that people are bad news, but when I can find puffins, seals, a bevy of seabirds and even wallabies unaffected by the harrowing overabundance of man, I'd be very likely to trust their presence to keep the sanctity of an environ purer than any human.  That is what is characteristic to Lambay Island.  It's purity together with the tradition of humans that respect the land have given birth to a pair of noteworthy Irish whiskies.  It's a true tale of honoring the land so that it gives you its best.  

Lambay Whiskies are available now at your finer wine, alcohol and spirit retailers and as always, please remember to enjoy Lambay responsibly.

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A Rosa Blooms (And Sparkles Too): Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Red Wine

For those days when you need something stronger than juice but without the weight of, say, gin, there's Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Wine.  For those days when you want to sneak a little appropriately naughty in with your questionable nice day, there Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Wine.  For those days when you need the excitement of a bottle without the full size commitment of one, there's Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Wine.  

Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Wine is a semi-sweet sparkling red wine with a flavor profile of strawberries and rose petals.  It's delicate and refreshing and the sparkling element creates a nice effervescence that works as a nice pick me up on its own or as a nice topper to cocktails.  It's great as a sparkling alternative to cloying dessert wines and goes well with seafood-based dinners and after-dinner usuals like rich desserts and cheeses.  What's especially nice is that it comes in a delightfully sleek and compact 8.5 ounce aluminum bottle that has the outfitting of a grown and sexy soda with the flavor of a satisying and pleasant sparkling wine.  

Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Wine is a fun, easy and very handy sparkling wine to complete your meal or complete your hard day.  After all, don't we often need a little something beautiful and pleasant to end off our often ugly days?  Stella Rosa Pink Sparkling Wine is available now at your finer wine and spirit retailers and to find specific locations near you, check out their website here.

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Peace Of Mind, Just Encased: Catalyst Cases

As someone who always prides himself on dotting his i's and crossing his t's, I unfortunately do find myself caught out there sometimes.  When frazzled, I sometimes come undone and forget the checks and balances that makes my life easier as opposed to harder.  For example, just this weekend I was frantically searching around the check-out counter at the grocery thinking I had lost my wallet only to realize that my over-efficiency caused me to pack it into my grocery bag along with my okra and avocados.  For that brief moment I had that fear that many of us do.  What if I lost my wallet?  Others include, 'What do I do if I misplace my keys outside of home?' and the dreaded 'What happens if my phone becomes incapacitated?'    

The last one tends to freak us out a lot as many of us can & do pay, search, talk, schedule, capture and escape with the aid of our phones nowadays.  Protection for those rectangular-shaped digital extensions of our lives go far beyond the "Find My Phone" feature.  I, like many, couldn't bare for my phone to descend to the floor and become reminiscent of a cracked dry river bed just as much as I don't think I could bare with my phone flatlining after being mistakenly submerged in water.  So as the Spring/Summer seasons roll back around for many of us and our days may find us at the pool or beach with the need to capture our lives and keep our digital besties in tow, we need protection.  Sunblock for me and the amazing protection of Catalyst cases for my iPhone.

Catalyst offers up two great cases for your iPhone that I find to be so handy and a very protective wardrobe for my  'significant other'.  The Catalyst Impact Protection Case is drop proof for up to 9.9 feet while keeping your iPhone light and manageable.  The impact truss system inside is specially formulated to handle bumps and jostles while protecting the glassy-beauty of your iPhone.  This is perfect if you are accident-prone or just have the tendency to juggle more things than your iPhone in your hands at once.  Then the Catalyst Waterproof Case is just like a spraying your phone with Scotchguard™.  This case fits your phone snugly to protect it from not only the daily unfortunate bumps and bruises but also protects your iPhone in up 33 feet of water with an air tight encasing that leaves it still sensitive enough to allow you to utilize your phone as though there were no case on it at all.  I tested it out myself (see my video above) and not one drop of water got inside the case and I was still able to use all the features of my phone while my hands were still submerged with it.

We kind of have to be fussy about the things in our life that make our lives easier.  However, we don't want to be continually fussy about them.  We kind of want a 'set it and forget it' mentally for our device's protection.  Catalyst Cases offer that peace of mind without making your iPhone resemble a VCR or boom box.  Peace of mind!  A welcome nowadays so you can focus on other things, like where you left your glasses or where you misplaced your Metrocard.

The Catalyst Impact Resistant Case and The Catalyst Waterproof Case are both available now at their website

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Not Quite Done Being Naughty Or Nice: POM Wonderful®

With the start of Spring being in less than a month, has the guilt set in yet?  It's long been known that Winter is comfort food season and with the preponderances of baked-this and holiday-that quite possibly your time was spent more in front of the fridge than in front of the weight rack.  Understandably so.  No judgements here.  Really!  Some of us don't have a schedule much less a life that makes daily or frequent treks to the gym foreseeable.  Many of us choose to chase the chaos of our daily grinds away with a cocktail rather than a dumbbell and that's ok.  Balance is the key to being the best you and the equations in achieving that balance differs for everyone.  

It takes work to find that balance and it also takes patience.  So in the meantime while one figures out when to enjoy or refuse that cocktail, appetizer or dessert also how to lift weights, resistance train or implement cardio, balance can come in the form of walks through a little nice and a little naughty.  Enter the niceness of POM Wonderful®.  Certainly not a new beverage but definitely one that is not fully understood for it value, POM has been around since 2002 and takes the juice of about 4 California grown non-GMO verified pomegranates to create that shapely bottle of goodness.  It's not pomegranate drink mixed with pear, cherry or words unpronounceable.  POM Wonderful® is 100% juice and gives you the tart little refreshing kick together with the satisfying sweetness of this delicious superfood.  With antioxidant-building and a host of health benefits linked to the pomegranate like cholesterol-lowering, the nice factor is definitely qualified with POM.  

Now depending on your perspective, the naughty temptation to your pomegranate juice wonder lies in a spirit.  Be it vodka, rum, gin or tequila, POM gives a little bit of welcomed redemption to the savory sinful nature of aperitifs and digestifs.  So just how do you get naughty with it?  I've presented you with the niceness but my impish side couldn't leave you without a lesson in balancing with the naughty.  Please check out my signature cocktail featuring POM Wonderful® which I have appropriately entitled "POM's Garden of Good & Evil".

POM's Garden Of Good & Evil

4 ounces          POM Wonderful®
1 1/2 ounces    Tommy Rotter Gin
1/2                   Fresh Lime
1 tsp                Pomegranate Molasses
1 tsp                Fresh cut Ginger Root
3 leaves           Fresh Basil
1 sprig             Fresh Mint
1/2 tsp             Fresh Parsley
1/2 tsp             Fresh Thyme

Add lime juice, pomegranate molasses, ginger, basil and mint to a shaker and muddle for about 30 seconds until the lime juice changes color.  Then add the POM Wonderful® juice and gently stir for about 10 seconds.  Next pour the shaker contents into a rocks glass filled with ice then add the gin and stir for about 5-10 seconds.  Finally, garnish the cocktail with parsley, thyme and a lime wedge.

This is a great drink to make with gin as the juniper berry notes work nicely with the sweet/tart pomegranate and together with the muddled fresh ingredients add a nice verdant garden fresh herbal flavor profile with a dash of sharpness from the ginger.  You've now been presented with the nice and the naughty.  The decision is yours!

POM Wonderful@ Juice and its antioxidant refreshment can be found at your local grocer and supermarkets.

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Goodness, In The Bag: Sneakz™ Organic

There used to be a joke that if you rifled through a woman's bag you'd discover almost everything about her life.  It seems today the joke has fallen on us guys.  When I think about what goes into my bag on the daily one could probably tell that I have a special diet, am a tad vain, into fashion and somewhat of a a germaphobe.  Here's something to notice the next time you're in the gym locker room.  Spy the contents of a guy's gym bag which nowadays as lives become more multifaceted have become spaces for clothing quick changes, hygiene shelves on-the-go and pre/post dietary rituals.  While the lives of many men are less involved than many women, there are some common things you'll find in the bags many men tote.  Akin to makeup and a wallet in a purse, you'll most likely find sneakers and a protein drink in a man's gym bag.
We're told on the daily that we don't ingest enough of this or are lacking the nutrients of that.  Then we're told that we shouldn't have this type of food now to that type of food then and all in all it gets so mind-numbing.  Sometimes what we stuff into our bags need a little help, a bit of tweaking and some tailoring to our personal lives.  I used to be a big protein shake guy following my workouts but after I realized some drawbacks to excessive protein I scaled back on my intake.  Then after going vegan last year I realized that had to be mindful of what foods & labels I stuffed in my bag.  It's then that I realized that it wasn't about large amounts of supplemental products with a high number of bulking ingredients but rather about the balance of a key diet and a little boost to accompany my active uptown to downtown lifestyle.
So when I discovered Sneakz™ Organic earlier this year I liked the power of its simplicity.  Sneakz is an easy to digest dietary powdered supplement that can be used as a great beneficial post-gym protein powder but is also so much more. In addition to offering 14 grams of protein per serving, Sneakz also has probiotics and has a healthy blend of organic vegetables like beets, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas.  This makes it not only a great supplement for post workouts but also for other meals of your day like lunch smoothies or breakfast pancakes.  What's more is that not only does it taste good without that artificial faux sugary taste but it also mixes well with water if you're still at the gym and need the nutrients right away or with any kind of milk like soy, coconut, almond and (yes even cow's milk) when at home.  
I've been on a mission to simplify my life so products like Sneakz speaks to just that.  The strawberry is great to enhance my berry smoothies, the vanilla is a nice sweet neutral base for my acai bowls and the chocolate is my favorite for just mixing with water following a workout.  It's a two-fold nutritional product that could create order to just about anyone's bag.  

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Comfortable In Their Own Skin: Wonderful® Halos

Grab and go!  Such is the course of metropolitan life today.  "I don't have time", "Please, I'm in a rush" and "No thanks, gotta get to my spin class at six" are plausible utterances.   Ordering online or even working from home seem to speak to a culture that has no time or space to enjoy what it should  and it's contagious from work to the gym to dinner reservations to home.  Many of us have become creatures of convenience and purveyors of being punctual.  That frenetic energy and pace to keep up trickles down even further to the quick blurbs of the news we read, the duality of the clothes we wear and the compactness of the foods we eat.  

I literally plan my days so concisely at times that I have no time to eat.  Then when one takes into consideration the crazy commute, either by car or subway, tumblers, Tupperware, microwaveable and ready-to-go become catchwords that give feelings of satisfaction to our otherwise hectic days.  Being vegan, I have a bevy of containers for packing my fruit and veggies for my commuting moves.  However,  I always dig options that come with their own natural and protective packaging.  

Halos by Wonderful® are compact California mandarins that are sweet, seedless, delicious and handy sidekicks for your day.  Non-GMO verified, Halos are are easy to just pop in your jacket pocket, briefcase or gym bag for a nice dose of Vitamin C juiciness in the refreshing form of an easy to peel orange.  What's also great about them is that a bit of citrus helps in food digestion and completing your daily antioxidant needs. Homegrown and affordable, one 5 pound bag goes a long way which is perfect time-saving excuse to avoid constant trips to the market.  What's more is that at the end of a long day, when muddled into your shaker, they make a hell of a bump to a good cognac.  Halos are available now at your local produce markets.  

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