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Fending For Yourself With A Cocktail In Hand: Nemiroff Vodka

Are you getting ready to exchange holiday pleasantries?  "No I'm not married yet", "I don't think I've put on weight", "Yes this is my second plate" and "I realize I'm not getting any younger, thanks for noticing".  As unpleasant as some of the comments and queries may seem, perhaps you may want to bring along something to help you navigate through the pleasantries.  No, I'm not talking witty comeback quips like "I see you've put on weight too", "Perhaps you shouldn't have had a first plate", "Younger I may not be, but you're still older than me" and "I don't see a ring on your finger either".  Rather, think more two-fold as in a highbrow way to be festive and equipped to deliciously soften the off-putting comments and eye-rolling scenarios like bringing a good spirit in tow.

Red wine has always seemed to be that safe drink of choice, however the characteristically universal appeal of vodka is that spirit of choice that can appropriately speak to many.  I recently had the pleasure of discovering Nemiroff Vodka.  As vodka is not my usual go to spirit, I found the more than 140 year old traditions of Nemiroff reassuring in that they probably knew the good vodka tradition.  I was in fact right.  There is a smoothness and fluidity to Nemiroff Vodka that doesn't linger and one that works well with very simple garnishes to make for a great sipper on the rocks or a welcomed neutral but complimentary marriage to bar favorites like screwdrivers or cosmos.  Hailing from a small distillery in the Ukraine, it started off as Nemyriv in 1872 and reemerged as Nemiroff in 1992 to still offer premium distilled vodka with 11 stages of filtration and a well-crafted tenure under its belt. 

What's more is that Nemiroff Honey Pepper Flavoured Vodka also puts in the work and gives a little pepper and sweet kick to your palette.  A sip packs a dash of saccharine and spice that both linger a bit on the tongue to marry nicely together with an underlying herbal warmth that is satisfying and comforting.  After my first sip I imagined what the flavor profile would be like heightened so I concocted a little martini recipe (listed below) that I called The Comrade's Kick.  Whether you escape or liven things up with a spirit for the holidays, Nemiroff Vodka is a good tasting, handsomely bottled and seasoned vodka to get the job done.  What a delicious and handy excuse to both share a moment and dodge a moment from the color that can come from our families during the holidays.  Nemiroff Vodka is available at your finer spirit, wine and alcohol retailers and as always, please remember to drink and enjoy responsibly.  

The Comrade's Kick

3 1/2 fluid ounces      Nemiroff Honey Pepper Flavoured Vodka
1 fluid ounce              Dry vermouth
1 tablespoon              Simple syrup
3-4 slices                     Fresh chili pepper ( I used Fresno chilis)
1 cup                           Ice cubes

*Green olives and extra chili slices for garnishing.

Add vodka, dry vermouth, simple syrup and chili slices to a cocktail mixing glass.  Add ice and stir until chilled.  Strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with olives and fresh cut chilis on a toothpick.

The result is definitely a cocktail with a kick.  You may want to add less chilis if heat isn't too much of your thing as they pack some punch or a tad more simple syrup if you prefer a sweeter drink.  The flavors of the vodka really come to life enhanced by the fresh ingredients then are mellowed out a bit with the verdant pep of the vermouth, but still pack a nice potency for a fun and strong cocktail.

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Festive Feet For The Holidays: Blacksocks

Tantamount to any shiny slim tie bar, characteristic characters on a bowtie or quirky pair of sterling cufflinks can be a great pair of socks.  With hemlines tailored to hit the shoe, skim the shoe, graze the ankle and float around the calves, modern pants are leaving the way for men to find expression in their hosiery.  So with the hosiery no longer trapped under pleated gaberdine and indigo 12 ounce denim, socks have reemerged as those below the waist cherries on top that can complete the outfit.

So with a greater emphasis on socks, why not make them more two-fold.  Comfort and charisma are unleashed especially with a company like Blacksocks.  Since 1999 the company has been offering quality underwear, tees and socks in comfortable fabrics to leave men feeling comfortable and confident.  The achieve this by making sure you'll always have socks available with 'sockscriptions' that customers can choose from to make sure they always have socks all year long.  Customers can choose from Blackjacks' vast array of categories like calf socks classic (best-seller), business light (smooth, light wash-resistant shine), urban comfort (soft, padded stress-points) and merino wool (hear regulation, moisture wicking).  There's also the category of funky socks that have the energy, color and exhubernace perfect for those of you who need character and liveliness to your hosiery.

This is a very handy (also very logical and practical) gift for yourself or to give as a gift to the dandy, they guy who hates to shop, the youngster and the seasoned gent alike this holiday season.  For more into on Blacksocks, their sockscriptions and their complete product line visit and get ready to cross several me off your list this holiday season.

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Season's Greeting, Healthy Eating: Cucina & Amore Farro With Quinoa Meals

Tis the season....for becoming manic.  While there's many suggestions for not getting frazzled with running around for the season's holiday preparations, chances are you'll either ignore them or listen to them but succumb to the frazzling anyway.  When schedules don't go as planned, when lines get intolerably long, when the downtown location sells out of that sweater so you have to head uptown, you can sometimes forget your basic necessities like courtesy, staying stress-free and, of course, eating.  

I've just passed my six month vegan mark and, while I feel better overall, its been quite a mission at times to find some form of nourishment, even in New York City, that is animal free and won't expand my waistline exponentially.  So the thought of the holiday hustle and bustle making it even worse to find something non dairy-laced or not jerky-fied may get more daunting.  However, when life get annoying, it's certainly comforting to know that it can also move in a relieving satisfying way.  

Earlier on site this year I shared my discovery of the wonderful Cucina & Amore's Quinoa Meals.  Well now chalk up another homeroom for the brand with their Farro with Quinoa Quick Meal.  Farro is a type of ancient wheat grain thats high in fiber and an excellent source of iron, magnesium and protein.  The Farro Meals come in three varieties of Roast Pepper & Artichoke, Grilled Vegetables & Herbs and Artichoke, Lemon & Roasted Garlic.  Key to Cucina Et Amore is the handy packaging that comes equipped with easy to assemble containers for both the Farro with quinoa and the veggies and a spoon to make it easy to enjoy on the go (no heat necessary).  

What's more ensuring is that the Farro Meals are still non-GMO, nut-free, 100% vegan and have no sugar added.  The farro is fluffy and hearty and the veggie cups are flavorful and rich.  They are a healthful grab & go, sit in the office or at home and enjoy meal that provides peace of mind that you're getting sustenance and nutrition.  Perfect to whip out while dashing from store to store before closing hours or to enjoy while catching  a sit-down breather before going your next department store wrap-around line.  Cucina & Amore Farro With Quinoa Meals is available now at The Fresh Market (visit here for store locations near you) and will be available for purchase on in January 2018.  What to eat while on the go just got crossed off your list! 

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Making A Clean Switchel: Up Mountain Switchel

With all the vegan talk being passed (and ignored) around the water cooler nowadays, I'm always asked one question pertaining to my trading in cow's milk for cashew milk and bacon cheese for beet avocado burgers.  That question is why?  Quite honestly my answer is always the same in that I tried it for a day and one day became three, then three became a week, then that week became a month.  Now, November 1st made six months.  Has it been hard?  Not as hard as I thought, since I decided that I would just roll with it and delve into the culinary creativity of vegan cuisine.  The inner foodie in me has loved being adventurous, but I also realized that the transition was also more smoother for me than for some since I already ate relativity healthily prior to my May 1st induction.  So while yes I  had enjoyed the brine of bacon and thought a meal without meat was incomplete, I also had for some time very much relished in the kick of kale, the pop of haricot vert and the crunch of a crudité with hummus.  

So while at a Health and Wellness Showcase a couple months ago, I found another product that would keep me on the healthy mark.  See, I'd always had a small glass of a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in warm water before bed since mid 2016 and was thrilled at the better digestion and regularity, clearer brain function and skin that came with it.  However, it was always a mind over matter situation where I put the health benefit before the sharp stinging taste.  So, how happy I was to discover Up Mountain Switchel at this showcase that conveniently made it delicious and beneficial to combine a nice drink with a healthy way to think.

Switchel has an odd history in this country as having starting out as a molasses and water concoction then being remixed over time with everything from vinegar, ginger and rum.  However, take the odd pairings out of the equation and cue up Up Mountain Switchel.  Born in Vermont, the company combines raw organic apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, pure grade-A maple syrup and fresh Berkshire mountain spring water into a wonderfully flavorful drink that is as quenching as it is cleansing.  Up Mountain Switchel keeps the ingredients simple and readable with non-GMO and certified kosher, vegan and organic ingredients that are sourced sustainably and ecologically with glass bottle packaging, low waste management and certified fair trade.  What's also commendable about the brand is that a portion of the proceeds for every bottle sold goes to support the Stronghold Society whose mission is to create a future where youth of Native and non-native communities are able to share the power of indigenous knowledge to inspire strength of mind, body and spirit

Up Mountain Switchel takes the stigma out of drinking apple cider vinegar and replaces it with a quality refreshing beverage in five edifying varieties of Original, Lemon, Cayenne, Yerba maté and  a Sparkling Switchel called 'Swizzle'.  It's feels good to drink something that you can understand, is good for you and appeals to your sensibilities.  For more information on Up Mountain Switchel, the brand history and their cause visit  In the meantime, I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy my switchel so I can have one more reason to give as to why I eat, and drink, so clean and am loving it.

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A Pampered Healthy Peace Of Mind: Omron Heat Pain Pro™ and Omron Evolv™

How do you pamper yourself?  A few whiskey-neats after a long day at the office, a great haircut &  shave while comfortably reclined in your favorite barber's chair both speak to pampering in some form.  However, as I've found this year, eating with a conscious mind, exercising to remain in peak shape and getting much needed R&R to feel rejuvenated are forms of pampering where being the best you gives peace of mind which so many people neglect today.  In addition to the mud masks, massages, mani/pedis and weekend excursions, what speaks to retaining your peace of mind nowadays is also making sure you're in good health which trickles over into mental wellness.  So in between doctor's visit and to deal with the knocks and jostling of the everyday, it's commendable when we find edifying ways to relieve our stresses, build ourselves from the inside out and stay abreast of our overall wellness is some way, shape or form.

This is why I'm happy to have discovered two products to help with my wellness duty from Omron, a medical equipment manufacturing company with endeavors to make monitoring your health at home accessible and easy for our active lives.  One such device I had the pleasure of discovering recently at Pepcom NYC was the Omron Heat Pain Pro™.  Part of their Eclectrotherapy Pain Relief line, the Heat Pain Pro™ has settings that use heat and/or TENS therapy (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to soothe various pains by nerve excitation through the use of skin adhesive electrodes.  Don't think of it as what you witness if a doctor yells "clear", but think of it more as a mild but effective way to soothe lower back, hip, shoulder, foot, elbow and arm pains with the relaxing and exacting stimulation of the nerves in those areas with heat and electric pulses.  What's nice is that the Heat Pain Pro™ has various ways and settings to alleviate pain with three combination settings of 15 minutes of heat & TENS , alternating 30 minute long short sessions of heat & TENS and the 30 minute option of just the electrical stimulation of TENS.  Users can then set the heat setting to high or low and finally can pick from 9 modes with each number targeting potential conditions ranging from stiffness, soreness and knots.  Each mode number has been specially formulated with ranges of combos of tapping, kneading and rubbing pulses for the aforementioned   body parts.  This is a great apparatus to have for after-workout soreness & stiffness, morning sleep pains and stress alleviations.

The Omron Evolv™ Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is the other device that goes with creating a piece of mind.  Healthy blood pressure numbers are essential to maintain as various eating and drinking habits, fitness regimens and daily stresses can all contribute to high blood pressure.  The sleek Evolv™fits snugly around the upper arm and is free from the usual appendage that takes your pulse.  That appendage on traditional blood pressure devices is built into the sleek digital unit.  The Evolv™ takes your blood pressure and pulse all in about 20 seconds and even has an app that can be linked by Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can record and keep track of all your results and even be alerted for signs of hypertension and irregualar heartbeat.  This is another great apparatus to have handy just to periodically maintain that a basic health vital is properly managed.

For more information on the Omron Heat Pain Pro™ and the Omron Evolv™ visit and you can find the Heat Pain Pro™ on Amazon here.  Being conscious, in my opinion, is an beneficial and responsible form of pampering.  Call it preventative and/or restorative pampering if you will, but it is just one step to helping you stay on top of being the best you so that you can enjoy life, your best life.   All for healthcare.

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