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A Sweet Bitter Ending: Fernet-Branca And The Great Bitter Bar At Eataly Downtown

Turkey with all the trimmings or perhaps Tofurky and garden sides galore that give way to pulled-belts and casually reclining on the divan.  The pies, cakes, desserts and the second plates can all give way to either tooth-picking satisfaction or food-comas unimaginable.   Post-Thanksgiving moments can involve many a fond memory or several antacids, so how fitting when a nice drink can commemorate or save a moment.  I say, get over your Thanksgiving gluttony the merry way with a digestivi as opposed to Pepto.

A few days ago I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing seasoned magic in the form of an amaro at an tasting in New York City.  An amaro is a bitter herbal Italian liqueur and Fernet-Branca is an amazing one.  Now don't  be dismayed by the bitter, which many are.  Fernet-Branca's distinct bitter note make it very plausible for it to be classified as a digestivi since characteristics of it hit the palette like a sharp espresso.  Although the recipe for Fernet has been kept a secret since 1845, this amaro, originally made to treat cholera in Milan, has fragrant notes from over 40 botanicals including myrrh, chamomile, cardamom and rhubarb.  So the result is a complex but sophisticated amaro that is great neat or mixed into classic cocktails for a bold flavor profile.

That event a few days ago was all about this amaro and was the last leg of a Fernet-Branca tour that hit all the Eataly chains nationwide.  What began in January was a national bar crawl of sorts for the Fernet-Branca Great Bitter Bar at all national Eataly locations.  This week I was treated to an intimate tasting of this specially-installed bar at Eataly's downtown New York location, the last stop on the tour.  What came about were simply pleasant Fernet Branca cocktails that truly let the flavor of the amaro shine while showcasing its versatility and how different bar ingredients work to compliment its unique collection of notes.  

First up was the Ferneta-Groni, created specifically for this last leg in NYC, with Malfy Gin and Carpano Antica.  The Carpano was very botancial & fragrant that together with the juniper notes from the gin plus opposite the notes of the Fernet created a nicely balanced cocktail.  

The Toronto featured Templeton Rye Whiskey, Bitters and Simple Syrup and had a sweet kick from the syrup matched with a definite kick from the more earthy rye whiskey and both were harmonious  with the bitter & botanics.

Fernet-Me-Not uses one of my faves, Tequila, together with Lime and Ginger Beer.  The lime and tequila deliver the great herbal kick that complements the Fernet and leaves a great platform for the warmth of the ginger beer to liven up this cocktail with effervescent sweetness.

Believe it or not but San Fransisco accounts for about 30% of the Fernet-Branca in the U.S.  A classic pairing like that in the Fernet Cola is why.  Also a classic in Argentina, this cocktail uses Fernet & Molé Cola for a bitter, sweet and barky concoction, but it works as an easy drink that has enough of a flavor balance to make it an enjoyable one to order all night.

Lastly, the Milano 75 involves Vodka, Flor Prosecco, Lemon and Bitters.  The prosecco sweetens and livens up this drink and the citrus kick lightens up the drink which is the perfect balance for the heavier bitterness of the Fernet and potent heft of the vodka.  

Five cocktails all celebrating the tenured beauty of Fernet-Branca.  In the environment of Eataly with all its wonderful Italian fare, The Great Bitter Bar at the Downtown location is a great stop for Thanksgiving week or even on its closing day, Black Friday Weekend.  Shop on-line, take in the city and stop in Eataly Downtown for some Fernet to digestivi the day (and leftovers) away.  

The Fernet-Branca Great Bitter Bar is open now at Eataly Downtown 4 World Trade Center Floor 3, 101 Liberty Street New York, NY 10007 until November 24th.

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Healing From Our Roots: The Ginger People® Turmeric Line

Liquid, capsule, gel-tab, low-dose?  Twelve hour, twenty four hour, timed-release, rapid-release?  Can't keep up or figure it out?  Well neither can I and quite frankly, I don't often feel like I even want to.  So what's a guy who looks at the flu-shot with skepticism, side-eyes the coughing suit at the other end of the train car and buys hand sanitizer in bulk during the Winter months to do?  He tries to eat his medicine that's what he does.  The goodness, or badness, we put into our bodies before maladies rear their ugly germ-filled heads can make all the difference between enjoying snowflakes tickling your nose and feeling that tell-tale early tickle at the back of your throat.

So here's some goodness from the folks at The Ginger People.  Their love of this rooted superfood runs deep from ginger shots to soother drinks and even ginger-syrups.  The've made enjoying ginger accessible, convenient and comforting.  So how thrilled was I to hear that they've gone and infused ginger's distant rooted cousin, turmeric, into some of their newest products.  This superfood meets superfood hook up is such a delight.  Why?  Maybe a little background story first.  I have been vegan for a little over a year and a half now so I replaced my eggs and bacon with avocado toast and fruit smoothies.  In those smoothies every morning I always include cut and scored fresh pieces of ginger and turmeric root.  Their presence in my morning beverages are not only deliciously earthy but also super body-beneficial.  

What The Ginger People have gone and done is make great products with ginger and now turmeric for those like me who adore those roots and also those who need that enjoyment more on-the-go.  Their new line of ginger products with turmeric consist of items like a potent Rescue® Ginger Shot, a great shot size drink also with coconut water, lemon & apple juice, a Soother Drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold, chewy Arjuna Ginger Bites that are made with ginger from Mount Arjuna in East Java and a comforting Turmeric Latte Mix that has a warm spicy bite to its sweet essence.  So very essential is ginger for digestion, migraines & nausea and turmeric for brain health, anti-inflammatory healing & anti-oxidant health.  This new turmeric line from The Ginger People contains black pepper like all turmeric products should as it enhances the effect of the root and natural sugar to counter the earthiness and peppery qualities.  Yet another great reason to Ginger Everyday.  

Please check out a remix I did below with their Turmeric Latte Mix for the season and find out more about The Ginger People Turmeric line and their other great products at

Ginger Turmeric Somali Latte

1 packet            The Ginger People Turmeric Latte Mix 
8-10 ounces      Almond Milk
4                        Whole Cloves
5                        Cardamom Pods 
1 pinch              Fresh-grated Cinnamon 
1 small pinch    Fresh-grated Nutmeg

Heat up the almond milk in a sauce pan along with the cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Bring to a near boil and don't worry about curdling since this is almond milk.  Pour the seasoned milk through a strainer into a cup containing the Turmeric Latte Mix.  Stir and enjoy.  

The flavor in this latte is so soothing and balanced.  The peppery and earthy ginger and turmeric definitely come through which is why the aromatic and sweet notes of the fresh ingredients are a great balance along with the natural sugar in the latte mix.

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Comfort Snacks For Cuffing Season: Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Summertime is gone, Fall is upon us and Winter is is gearing up to rear it's wind-chilled head.  You may have thought that now is the time to forget about the warm weather bodies and fatten up for the moody, cold, comfort food season.  All I can say is that as quickly we forget about the warm weather is as quickly as it will be back upon us.  However, life must have balance.  You want to enjoy the joy of delicious comfort food in those warm months while also thinking about not necessarily looking like you did.  So how happy when I find a brand that supports my need for balance by offering up comfort food that takes some of the guilt away.  

That brand is Boulder Canyon, a brand that makes enjoying the beloved potato chip less guilty.  The brand achieves this by kettle-cooking up the chips in a variety of oils like rice bran, coconut and avocado oils.  The result are chips that have no trans fat, no cholesterol, are gluten-free and kosher.  The crispiness of the kettle-ccoking together with the smoothness of the rice bran oil, milky tart of the coconut oil and buttery lightness of the avocado oil create a nice range of chips that pair well with the interesting flavors.  Offerings like Roasted Jalapeño, Sweet Chipotle and, just in time for Thanksgiving, Turkey Gravy make Boulder Canyon a great snacking option for the season to keep healthier on the brain, flavorful on the lips and less girth around the hips.

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After All's Said And Done, The Indigo Bleeds On: Clockworks Press

How far does your denim go?  Do you toss it after that first painful sight of a tear on your upper inner thigh?  Perhaps you are the type to ditch those well-beloved boot-cuts since GQ has stated that slim is the thing or tapered is next to godliness.  Well if you are anything like me, someone who knows that fashion cyclical, I hold onto my denim and I tailor but only sometimes cut, for I know that before long my penchant for thigh-huggers will give way to a serious need for full-cut and puddle-bottomed again.

So since fashion is cyclical, I relish in finding ways to keep that indigo footprint going strong?  Enter Clockworks Press, founded in 2016 by Brooklyn-based artist Holly E. Brown whose graphic prints and drawings speak to the idea of the modern creativity.  The modern creative is limitless and passionate about developing and finding interesting and diverse techniques to be inspired by.  Those techniques can be anything from paper to furniture to plaster de Paris to denim, which is exactly what inspires Ms. Brown.  With Clockwork Press, she uses her discerning eye to establish a harmonious union between a canvas of recycled denim and very cools mediums of dyeing and printmaking.  

I had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the ingenuity that Ms. Brown creates with Clockworks Press at the recent New York Denim Days along with some of the tools that help her trade.  On display were a unique limited edition line of clutch bags and tees that upon closer inspection took the unique and timeless appeal of NYC's beloved water towers and bridges and gave them a balanced life in dyed and printed denim.  These tees, a collaboration with De Ver Azul, started with technology from Recycrom, a completely sustainable dyestuff made from 100% textile production waste, created by the sustainable Italian manufacturing company Officina 39+.  That dye was then transferred onto recycled denim by being washed in advanced small-batch machines from the textile/garment finishing company Tonello.  The result was an line of soft tees with graphic layered prints that were seamlessly part dye and part print, but all denim.

For the Denim Days Weekend, Clockworks Press offered up 50 of the limited run of 100 bags with the final 50 now available on-line.  Showcased in these bags were the beauty of the dyes and the keen eye of Ms. Brown's printing.  Those downtown chic clutches highlighted the innovation achieved by the Recycrom dye that when combined with Ms. Brown's printing-expertise created a smart end-result of indigo hues, organic printing and a cool usage of positive/negative space.  Most recently Clockworks has collaborated with the brand AndAgain on a four-piece printed sustainable denim collection also exclusively available on-line.

Most recently Clockworks has collaborated with the brand AndAgain on a four-piece printed sustainable denim collection also exclusively available on-line.  It's interesting to note how passionately Clockworks Press aims to immerse itself in the aesthetic of sustainable and adheres itself to those who share in that passion within their respective crafts.  They aim to showcase how the power of creativity, community and responsibility can transform art, your style and the planet.  What Clockworks Press is onto is establishing a completely sustainable artistic expression onto clothing and accessories by priding itself on being eco-friendly and a utilizer of energy efficiency means.  Much like those well-worn jeans of ours, there's so much clothing and production waste that can be repurposed in a wabi-sabi sort of 360 degree fashion.  So nice to know that in the hands of artists and visionaries like Ms. Brown, the sad end can sometimes be the promising beginning.

The Clockworks Press limited edition denim clutches and the capsule collaboration with AndAgain are available now on the brand's website here.

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