Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Sheep By Every Other Name: Paris Mens Fall 2013 Collections Trend Review

Mink too 'Return of Superfly' for you?  Chinchilla far too flossy for your pinky ring-less hands?  Fox chubby adding back to your frame that pesky freshmen fifteen?  If you insist on communing with the animals via skins then the European Mens designers reinvigorated a seldom used but quite attractive skin for the Fall/Winter 2013.

Call it broadtail, astrakhan or swakara but it was shown on several menswear runways for Fall 2013.  Given that broadtail is a from a sheep, this skin is more like an extremely luxurious shearling hailing from the pelt of the karakul, a breed of domestic sheep which originated in Central Asia.  On jacket collars, on entire jacket bodies and used on styles like overcoats, varsity jackets and bombers the mysterious texture of broadtail finds its way into mens luxury come next Fall.

*All Photos Courtesy of Style.com.

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