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Go to any cool clothing website today and you are going to hear the word collaboration.  Or collabo? Joined forces?  Well whatever.  It's easy for labels to join forces but not so easy to make that union relevant.  After all, a phone call and a handshake in a boardroom is easier to produce than notoriety and sales at the register.  Adrian Joffe, the president of the cult Japanese label Commes Des Garcons, was quoted during an interview for as saying "There’s no point to collaborate with another designer or artist unless there’s something that can be found in between. For example, we don’t make swimwear so we collaborated with Speedo who is the best swimwear makers."  Further, far from dual marketing, what good is a collaboration that doesn't pull out the best representation of each brand.  So who did Diesel call when it needed to combine its edgy, tongue-in-cheek style with a line of sneakers that was as classic as it was modern.  It called Adidas.  

Released on January 27th and limited to a run of only 10,000, was Adidas' and Diesel's new collaborative effort for a line of five sneaker styles.  This collaboration works.  The line combines the spirit of Adidas by simply following those classic shapes like the Stan Smith and the Forum Mid with the bold aesthetic that Diesel has cultivated since 1978.  The zippers, the studs, the seaming together with the premium leathers and sturdy construction make this a collection that is attractive as it is sellable.  However, here's a key phrase for the 'non-sneakerheads' written out detailed-style for emphasis.  It's quote (Limited Edition) unquote :-) so once it's gone, it's gone!                                                        
 Stan Smith 80's Brown
 Stan Smith 80's White
ZX 700 Diesel 

 Forum Mid Diesel Lea

 Forum Mid Diesel TXT


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