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You know its possible in today's techno-arena to forget the rules of communication.  It seems our comfort zone of leaving messages has been trumped by our insatiable addiction to text, email or IM one another.  We've seemingly trading in our dialing fingers for robotic 'qwerty' wagging thumbs.  While some join this justice league of the cyber-commune others forsake it and opt to stick to the evil they know; you know the three "r's", reading, writing and 'run that by me again!'  Some like me decide to juggle since I will not, say, dump someone wirelessly, by 'dear john' script or by gatefold ad in the morning herald but rather text them to meet at the soda shop for the 'its me not you' kibash.  It's essentially keeping the formula but also dabbling in other methods just for reaffirm that your part of society and knowledgeable of modern conveniences. 

It occured to me that John Crocco, the designer for Perry Ellis has to be a juggler.  Head designing for a fashion label with national exposure means that you must be aware of the reach of your label and not just in the major cities.  With this in mind the strength of design for Perry Ellis' Fall 2011 collection didn't come through by grand death defying pattermaking feats of irreverance.  Rather, it came through the small nudges in the collection to push their male consumer into embracing lighter shades for winter, greater refined layering options and a desire to play with print and texture.

The collection showed many staples that has become Perry Ellis' sureshots.  Peacoats, belted field jackets, bombers and car coats were tailored closer to the body but without being severe.  There was a definite thoughtful approach to the execution of the striped wools and cozy colorblocked and nordic inspired knits.  Some standouts for me were the plush cable knit sweater coats and the modern slim-cut shearlings.

I'd also have to say that Daniel Silver and Steven Cox of Duckie Brown are also jugglers.  They have developed a cult following, not to mention on contract with Florsheim, by sticking to a 'slightly avant for menswear approach' while never sacrificing quality over idea.  Their Fall 2011 collection was full of texture by way of tailored blazers with 'knit' appeal.  Their silhouette for this fall is one of a fuller looser trouser balanced under sweaters, blazers and hoodies that have a full shape but also a clever slim component like a loose tunic knit that languidly falls into the body or slim cut sleeves on voluminous torsos.  My favorite would have to be the peacoat with the folds of fabrics printed onto it as shown on 'model of the moment' Yuri Pleskun. 

What is always delightful to see from Duckie Brown is the whimsy they put into making their menswear eclectic, still evident this season whether through a jacquard-like woven pullover, crossover pleated trouser or uniquely cut collars that meet their lapels.

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