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There's something to be said of what one picks up while jetsetting.  And I'm not referring to malaria, hook worms or some other dreadful third world malady.  I'm speaking of the power of an impressiom that made someone purchase that handwoven basket in Marrakech, the kaliedoscopic tapestry in Agra or those delicately carved ceramic chopsticks in Kyoto.
But despite whatever physical souvenir you may pick up while jetsetting, the ultimate appeal is the way its acquired, the scene, the mood at the time and the resurfacing memory of it all later on. 

I looked at Marlon Gobel's Fall 2011 collection as the dapper plight of an enlightened playboy trying to stylishly incorporate his cultural escapades.  There was a keen sway towards luxury in an ultimately relatable way either for the man who's traveled by G6, Eclipse yacht or ever dreamed of it. 

It was understandable that the collection was a foray into artistic rather than ostentatious luxury.  This luxury was not necessarily present in the references but rather in the execution of how the references were made into things appropriate for a fashionable tailored clothing collection.  There were exquisitely tailored blazers, my favorites being the ones with the all over nature hand-painted prints on velvet naps, that call to mind delicate Italian frescos.  Outerwear was given special attention to detail with a sharp leather trimmed shearling and sumptuous quilted bombers and sportcoats in velvets and tweeds.  Knits were eccentrically executed as cashmere capes, twisted cable knit pullovers and fine-tuned alpine crewnecks.  Leather, fur and velvet trim adorned edges, lapels and cuffs not in a excessive way, but rather in a balanced non-braggadocio manner signaling attentive detail rather than "look-at-me-showiness". 

What stuck out in everything from the rich vibrancy of the color palette to the devilish splendor of the metallic jingle bell Louboutin loafers was that each individual piece had a strength on its own.  I believe this to be a message of Mr. Gobel's, that you can either subscribe to the life, dream of the life or one day just take a piece that reminds you that you can always wear your heart on your sleeve.

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