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The Natives Are Restless

We all know by now how fast fashion moves.  At lightening speed!  So we don't necessarily wear the things we did, even say, 4 years ago.  Fashion is an interpretation through clothing and adornment to the sign of the times.  So, look at what sells big right now!  Transient clothing and accessory items don't necessarily last long but, give you your momentary high in order to fulfill that trend fixation.  However, what I find is that following after trend without a clear understanding of clothing, dressing, history and your own body is what leaves you not really mentally investing in what you buy.  Well sure, you may invest financially (many times thoughtlessly) but if we mentally took the time understand why we buy what we buy then we'd probably buy more diplomatically.  Since let's face it, there's many great designs out there that can transcend season to season but many of us are so convinced that we need that "now" fix and don't understand how to shop for, coordinate and make certain pieces work from season to season to get the bang for our buck and develop a true style.

I mull this over occasionally when I think about what seasoned designers must think of the current state of fashion as compared to fashion even a couple of decades ago.  Being in the game for a long time must make them have to adapt but essentially you still see an adherence to their aesthetics.  For this, is in my estimation, is what creates a legacy, especially for a design house.  All the popular chain store and designer collaborations are not only to get the fiscal eight-ball rolling to the respective corner pockets, but also to create intrigue and awareness of a brand that you may just necessarily ignore because of a price tag.  I think of all this makes me appreciate what a designer like Byron Lars has been doing for 20 years now.

Since 1991, Mr. Lars has never stopped giving his fashion followers his unique approach that was clearly born under 70's lady-glam and 80's excess.  He just tailored it for 90's and beyond sensibility and inclusion.  How fitting his Byron Lars Beauty Mark line emerges at a time when 40 is the new 30 and empowered women seem to want to leave their houses like the sidewalk is a red carpet and anyone and everyone wants to be the next viral star.  I saw Byron Lars' Fall 2011 collection during fashion week as a collection by a man who understands paired down couture techniques, fabric and texture and the juxtaposition between fashion and fantasy. The collection he showed was inspired by Native American themes which took his vision into the forest complete with feathers, fur, guipure lace and lovely brocades that were all wearable and beautifully executed.  Although each individual piece has a strength on it's own, the styling was particularly notable with pleasant layering techniques that didn't detract but only enhanced to make it all a visually attractive ensemble.  Mr. Lars' draping techniques are not to be sneezed at as neither are his eyes for fabric and texture manipulation to achieve his sophisticated lady.

 Designer Byron Lars

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