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OK, Let the Chick With Those Shoes in!

"I can't walk in those"!  If I had a nickel for everytime I heard a woman say that or for everytime I saw a woman change her shoes immediately upon leaving a venue, I'd have a bag full of nickels to potentially slug someone with. 

It appears that not many high fabulous shoes do a woman's feet a service.  Well 6 inch heels on a platform could prove a bit tasking even for the most skilled stilt-walker, but it's fashion.  Should a woman go through chronic back pains for fashion?  Should she have enough foot maladies to afford Dr. Rosensweig his second yacht on Biscayne Bay?  Should she lose feeling in her ankle and toes midway through the funk montage at 'la discoteca'?  Probably not.  However, in the name of fashion, she should divide her tootsies' time in between flats and the occasional 'kick butt' heel and realize that some shoes were meant just for paparazzi posing, some for stomping around and some for both.  Thankfully the new Fall 2011 Alejandro Ingelmo footwear collection stylishly gives women both options.

This collection offers confident head turners like booties inspired by Japanese origami and chic comfort in the form of great ballet flats and a sleek riding boot.  If you don't have a low center of gravity and can't manuver the skinnier heels then the line also offers a slender yet sturdy wedge style named the Crosby. Probably named so because a woman would need a sturdy wedge to walk down cobblestoned Crosby Street in downtown Manhattan.  The men aren't forgotten this season either as Ingelmo releases an update to his patented Tron model executed for Fall 2011 with tuxedo satin panels and the Wooster with a clear outsole and suede on the exterior.

It's 70's glamour reinterpreted with all the glamour of metallics and a bit of the aerodynamic.  Plus, that platform affords you that extra little lift to tower above the gaggle of hens behind the velvet rope. (Just in case you weren't on the guest list.)

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