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It's an aspect of human nature, I suppose, to keep creating and to search for the new.  The new hem length, the new 'age to be', the newest techie gadget, the newest holistic craze or the newest vacation oasis.  You would think that after all we as a civilization have created here on earth there would be enough sustainable objects to keep recycling and reusing forever.  Well to designer Christopher Raeburn there is.  Afterall, nothing is really new; but our perceptions, societal responses and progresses all develop and change so we are constantly adjusting how or if we adapt to what we see and experience. 

Raeburn is a young UK designer who believes in the strength and spirit of quality dependable goods made at a time when durability was tantamount to garment longevity.  His particular area of interest is in military surplus which explains why Victorinox, infamous for their Swiss Army knife, pegged the Royal Academy of Art designer to design a capsule collection for them for Fall 2011. 

For this collection, Raeburn turned to local Swiss military surplus stores for his inspired nylon parkas, rain slickers and rustic wool field jackets and accessories.  Emblazoned on several item's linings were printed images from a box of horsehead nails that he found while perusing the old work/livingspace of the brand's founder Karl Elsener.  Taking his artistic inspiration even further, Raeburn moved his entire constructing of the capsule collection to that original 1884 workspace. 

So what surfaces is a great balance which adheres the aesthetic of the Victorinox brand with Raeburn's vision of the past remixed into future.  Quality materials, functional and plausible design and quite possibly an oasis of the new through delving back while paying it forward.

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