In Pamella Roland

Twinkle, Twinkle, She's a Star

The lights dim.  A hush falls over the crowd.  The music is cued.  The lights return now full glow.  Out marches a model, confident, vibrant and commanding attention.  That's how many a show starts up to get the crowd buzzing.  How delightful when the clothing matches the energy.  It makes sense.  How sad when the mark is missed.  You can't unscrew your face.  You almost feel cheated.  What if the designer went off on some half cocked sabbatical during the off-season and came back suddenly inspired to do eccentric daywear when their niche was evening wear?  And it tanked!  Oh the horror of disappointment!!  Well she could've gone on a lengthy trip, but Pamella Roland did not channel risque monk-garb from Tibet.  She is a consistent dressmaker cultivating her talent into being known even more than just a stellar evening wear designer.  Pamella Roland is a platform American designer. 

The collection she showed for Fall 2011 had all the trappings of the seasoned designer that she's become.  This collection seemed to appeal to women with varied taste level of sophistication and luxury.  Ms. Roland ran the gamut of various printed silks, laces, velvets, luxury wools, embroideries and beadings.  She also didn't shy away from fur with coat cuffs and collars trimmed in mink, a shaved fitted fur vest, a fluffy chinchilla bolero, 'oh so ladylike' mink muffs and a varigated horizontal pieced mink tunic .  A nice draping story was told on high-waist, asymmetrically skirted, radiatingly gathered, cocktail and sheath dresses. 

Ms. Roland definitely had her all her many types of clients in mind.  Evident in the collection were styles for her socialites, her party girls, her celebs, her waifs, her 'not so waifs anymore', her daytime and her evening clients.  Presenting in beatuiful colors that ran the spectrum from lipstick reds and emerald greens to shimmering metallics and vibrant bordeauxs, prints that oozed pretty glamour and beadings that lit up the night, she reached a higher plateau. 

It's nice to see a designer's growth that is truly worthy of the accolades.  As the final model exited with full embroidered crimson train fluttering, you couldn't help but feel Ms. Roland's star getting brighter as the house lights once again dimmed.

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