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I used to go through stages in dressing sometimes.  I remember back in college, you couldn't pry the vintage apparel off my back while towards the end of college I was all into funky mixtures of hip-hop, vintage and labels.  Then, in came the early 2000's where I was a walking Vogues Hommes editorial and an everyday extra in a Musiq Soulchild video.  The mid to late 2000's ushered in my sneakerhead declarations which further fueled my 'oh so kitchy' t-shirt obsessions.  Nowadays I like a mix of the sartorial with tailoring in high fashion, architectural and avant sensibilities all within the genres of Americana, hip hop and modernism. 

Over the years, I've amassed quite a collection of stuff.  What's helped me is that when I buy bigger ticket items, I tend to get things that transcend from season to season and have a somber classic quality to them.  I've always gotten accessories that balanced with my wardrobe tendencies for the season.  However, lately, due to the resurgence of 'gentlemenry' and modern mash in menswear, I find myself gravitating more towards stable menswear accessories that exude strength with an underlying nod of timelessness by focusing on the mannish durables of leather, metal and wood.

With accessories on the brain, I find that once you have a nice developed personal wardrobe, updating your accessories becomes the more feasible way to stretch and accentuate your style.  Now while there is something to be said of attaining a few key strong accessories in one's wardrobe, an avid admirer (alright obsessor) of style will eventually see a need to amass more rotating accessory items to facilitate a steady wardrobe.  Although I've never seen the need to have a gaggle of them, lately the wristwatch for me has naturally become that article whose relevance represents so much strength and (pardon the pun) timelessness.

In the hands of various companies, the wristwatch can at once become a staple, an accent, a simple necessity or fashion accessory.  I recently had the delight of viewing the spring wristwatch offerings of five companies whose pieces inspired me to take some of that bit o' extra time usually reserved for my footwear and shed some loving round about my wrists.

D&G is a label synonymous with taking the organic nature of sexiness and displaying it with a trendy yet alluring and made-well aesthetic.  Their watch line for spring 2011 cleverly plays up branding through seductively peeling away the watch as we commonly see it.  Much like how the label has subtly revealed male and female undergarments and made us collectively more comfortable with tongue in cheek exposure is how they've approached their latest watch collection.  In part of the collection we get glimpses of the inner workings of the watch while in other parts of the collection, D&G offers up the classic beauty of art deco architecture in a clean and polished perspective with quiet branding and fresh digit arrangement.  

Kenneth Cole is like a socially aware and responsible voice that transcends fashion to the masses.  The watch line for spring is no different.  This season Kenneth Cole has considered the speed of the metropolises, the desire for fashion of the common man and the need to not break the bank achieving it.  Introduced this season is a collection of very affordable streamlined watches that offer the wearer dressed-up dressed-down appeal and innovative technology with a touch screen face.  They're digitally aware of your need for speed.

Bon chic Bon Genre (BCBG) has always tried to merge that line between fashion and commerce without sacrificing fashion.  The spring 2011 ladies watch line is no different in that it offers detail that could appear trendy but can absolutely be worn season after season.  Part of what makes the line works is the editing.  The watches are not over-designed and have just enough fashion for the small town and cosmopolitan fashionable dame alike.  A bit of bling, layering wraparound leather bands, punked-out with studs or botanically delicate for spring, these watched have the strength of mens timepieces just cut for more dainty wrists. 

Being that we're into the 'spring' of things now, mother's day will be upon us before you know it.  With this in mind I think Breil has come up with great jewelry complements to their watches.  I love convertible fashion that not only allows the buyer to save some cash but also allows them to get more bang for their buck.  Breil offered lovely necklaces with pendants and charms that slide with the aid of discreet grip-stoppers so that the wearer could decide how they wanted to don their piece, perhaps depending on a certain type of neckline or hairstyle.  I love it!  Then of course, the offered more of the evil they are known for in well-built yummy colored croc strap and pearlized-faced patent watches that were equal parts silent and strong.

Breil Women's

With their pricier Breil Milano line, the company continued to offer its watchmaking talents but kissed them with menswear influences that made them 'oh so covetable'.  The collection was kissed with deep rose golds and coppery, pewter and rhodium finishes that evoked feelings of brandy, leather club chairs, log cabins and vintage roadster dashboards.  The signature Breil line offered fine intricacies unleashed sensually in a polished architectural splendor and through the revealing of the insides of some pieces, almost like naughty peeking at the soul.

Breil Milano


As always you have those days where you days where you just have fun.  You throw on your t-shirt or tank, grab you swimsuit, maybe a windbreaker and head for the beach, pool, etc. for a day of carefree frivolity.  Don't you need a watch for those days?  A pop of color that functions and accentuates? Whose vibrancy matches the day?  Enter Freestyle and Shark watches.  This watch collective has been a go-to for surfers for almost 30 years.  However, now since you can't always get to the beach and hang ten or nose dive, the line offers you a wide range of affordable, colorful and attractive watches that may be refreshing to look at as Daytona but just as relatable downtown.  From sport and training inspired watches to fashionable and trendy, their spring 2011 delivers watches that can look great while they take a beating whether way underwater swimming with marine life or way swaying underground on the subway with the lowlifes.  



What I love most about all these watches is that they're made well, in stores right now!!, and one can afford to buy several as they are all affordable with the exception of Breil Milano which is a bit more pricy but still within reach.  So you can get a few and coordinate; I plan to.  I think the nature of this post has created a monster.

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