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I recently learned the joy of purging.  That euphoric delight when you easily toss a suitcase full of dated moth-eaten sweaters and realize that you've actually gained your walk-in closet and checked luggage option back.  Chucking those letters, mailers and papers that contain offers of enrollments, subscriptions and one-day sales that you know you'll never be partaking of is also kind of liberating; a point of exhalation if you will.  I often remark that my mailman must think that all I do is keep stores in business with the majority of crap that falls through my mail slot being credit card bills, fashion mags and store mailers.  I mean c'mon, we all know that Macy's has a one-day sale almost every Wednesday and it's reverberated to the point where it becomes as expected as your local Budget Hut's Semi-annual 'Going Out of Business' sale.  

What I've begun to do is toss the catalogs and mailers alike while also extinguishing the countless email updates from so-and-so dot com offering such-and-such an awesome deal.  I've realized that I signed up for all these correspondences at a time when I was still young in my fashion journey and felt that everything was 'oh so worthy' of knowing and Tony the Tiger 'Great!'.  Well times change.  I am much more in tune with my fashion growth as it relates to the man I've become and keenly more aware of the potential for a recurring role on 'Hoarders' brought on by a lack of purging.  Now in my mind's fashionable eye I keep the things that convey longevity, quality and, when updated with accessories and proper silhouettes, convey a keen sense of modernity.  That's why I won't discard a particular email or catalog when their amazing fall collection announces itself in my cyber and home mailboxes. 

The mens fall Lands' End collection is a key triplicate offering.  It offers classic 'Americana' sportswear style with nods to a learned gentleman while dishing up updated pieces in trim fits pushed through with a 'youthful exuberance' through fun color and accessories all from a longstanding American clothing staple.  The collection was peppered with the spirit of Lands' End.  You had knits that caused the delightful quandary of 'town or country' in cozy shawl collared sweaters with leather shank buttons, spruced up spring tones for snowy days and paired down outer weights that made them feasible for the office and forest alike.  The iron you'd leave at home for a country trip was not missed with great wash n wear button-downs in refreshing summery tones that you'd still leave unpressed in the city.  Strong layering stories were told to further educate the American male consumer through silhouette, texture and color.  Cool slimming blazers, close cut chunky-esque knits and shrunken puffer vests were paired with striped textured knits in classic necklines and wovens in 'pop of color' plaids and solids in very liberating ways.  The message seemed to be a grand evocation to mix and match and explore nuances of color to brighten up those gray winter days.

It was very pleasing to see a household catalog-heavy American brand taking successful steps to keep themselves relevant in mens closets and mailboxes.  Lands' End realizes the importance and the versatility of the chino and the American male's shape alike.   For fall they'll offered up a new chino line-up in Vintage (sits naturally lower with a Hollywood waistband), Refined (more tailored but far from stuffy) and Heritage (casual and easy to wear broken in cotton twill) all in slim, straight and an extra relaxed fit for the Heritage.  Updated attention was paid to make their denim look and fit fresh.  Also, they appropriately expanded spread of accessories from canvas and leather bags to very impressive boat shoe, hiker and chukka boot styles.  

Am I being a bit hypocritical by praising the joys of purging but showcasing the wonderful goods from Lands' End this fall.  Not really.  See, when you purge it's to get rid of things you won't or don't need or use.  Lands' End's end?  I think not!

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