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I Rant, You Read! I Dress, Therefore I Am?

There's a thin line between wanting to look cool in your clothes and just wanting to exist in your clothing.  The 'cool' foremost may push you into a retail arena with a peculiar inkling to impress someone with whimsy, sex appeal, intelligence, etc.  The 'existing' latter probably propels you into a store because perhaps you've realized that what you do with your life trumps what you wear in your life and you just need balanced replenishments in the form of garbs to get through it all.  You don't necessarily want your clothes to compete with you and vice versa.  Okay, but say you are in the public eye or in the arts, or whatever, and what you don leaves behind a kind of legacy since eyes are always on you and your interpretation of ideas are under the cosmo's magnifying glass.  Even still, don't we greater recognize with intrigued puzzlement the ones who wear their clothes as though they just have to and not that they need to?  In a sense, the ones who wear their clothes so harmoniously allow them to embody themselves as balanced individuals where the appeal of character, clothing and lifestyle are at an equilibrium.  Makes you wonder, is what we wear when no one is watching how we really want to dress, as in who we really represent, or have we become so desensitized that we consistently dress as the sky above us is one large judgmental eye?  Perhaps, occupation, events and ritual call us to play dress up but are we not drawn to those ornamentally balanced creatures who understand the difference between the beauty & strength in what they do, know & how they live versus what they don, wear or perform as?

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