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A Reason to See Red: Mykita X Willhelm - Franz For Japan

What's a bit crazy, a lot colorful and touched with irreverence that would make a seasoned downtown club-head softly blush?  Why, the revelry oozing from the designs of Bernhard Willhelm of course.  Pouring out of the never-ending celebratory mind of Willhelm are usually pairings that expand the borders of taste, color, print, shape, pattern and even gender all within the context of fashion design.  Under the same token of design-panache, enter Mykita, the highly influential eyewear company whose attention to the art of making frames seems almost godly.  Sleek, polished and modern yet whimsical, vibrant and 'bad-ass', Mykita frames equally represent the fun and the well-made sides of quality eyewear.  It only seems kismet then that Willhelm would lend his expressive eye to collaborate with the super-influential Mykita to help out a culture that celebrates individualism, expressionism and pays back the most sincere form of flattery through insightful imitations of style.

Unless you've been under a rock for the past few months, you've probably seen the carnage that the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March left on their infrastructure.  Well take my word for it, the people and culture of Japan are resilient ones but sometimes it takes a few extra hands with the capabilities to dig into pockets to keep the resiliency bouncing.  Enter once again, Bernard Willhelm and Mykita.  Willhelm, who had already been collaborating with Mykita since 2009, has taken the companies ultra iconic Franz aviator model and created a special LIMITED EDITION (two words that excite me) pair.

This yummy balanced 'Oreo-esque' fusion of Willhelm's cheekiness and Mykita's spirit and superb craftsmanship pay homage to one of the greatest symbols that stands for a nation, its flag. Spoon some more 'creme in the middle' goodness on top and feel no guilt since this splurge is also equally humanitarian in that ALL PROCEEDS, minus the value added tax, go 'beeline' to the Japanese Red Cross earthquake appeal. However, make haste!!! I did say LIMITED EDITION!!! There were only 100 pieces made and at last count they are just under the halfway mark with the remaining quantity. A guiltless splurge that knocks four birds out with one stone: Mykita, Willhelm, Rehabilitation and Style.

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