In Fall 2012 Women's Trends

Clash of The Titans

How is your eye trained?  Is it trained to match up color and pattern into decadent displays of fashion nirvana?  It makes perfect sense if it is.  Matching and pairing is ingrained in us from our pre-school years.  However, ponder this!  What if you trained your collective eye to match up the idea or the aesthetic regardless of color?  Now what if that idea was perpetuated by a common hodgepodge of cultural inferences or a melange of commonalities between various art forms, natural forms and design periods? Many questions to ponder and the Fall 2012 Women's shows had their fair share of designers who answered these questions in their own various styles.

There was a mixture of normally accepted color, pattern, texture and print clashes that at first glance seemed an eyesore.  However, after a deciphering glance you see how the stories are less of established rules and more of celebrating the clever mixes of everyday life, nature and artistry in ways that abandoned the rules.  Thereby a familiar dynamic is created that sort of calls to mind the child who is given the freedom to choose her own ensemble.  She would most likely choose what she loves and what speaks to her based on her growing ideas of identification regardless of accepted norms of matching and pairing.  This is the idea!  Artistic exuberance, expressionism and an intricate weaving of non-formulaic ideas can be displayed on any canvas and fashion is not exempt. 

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