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A Different Double

Comedian Steve Harvey, an ogling pervert and many Fall 2012 menswear designers.  What do they all have in common?  They all love double breasts.  (Ugh, that was awful, but not entirely untrue.)  On almost every Fall 2012 menswear runway there was a double-breasted suit.  However, unlike the many buttons on a Steve Harvey suit and the oversized excess of a pervert's trench coat, Fall 2012's double-breasted suits are much more modernized.  It only took a few key details to make a big improvement to a suit that many men consider too boxy for them or better looking closed.  Actually, by having slightly closer button placements, a shrunken length, a trimmer more nipped silhouette and closer cut trousers the double-breast has shaken off the stigma of the eighties power boxiness and pea coat clunkiness and adopted a cool streamlined identity that many men should have in their closet. They should own one, or in the wonderful cases of the Fall 2012 offerings, several, simply because its become a great versatile piece updated with a bevy of subtle details that can hold sartorial weight much like a sport coat when separated from the trousers and a wonderful pared down addition for an updated wardrobe.  From suits to outerwear and maybe not for every man mentally but feasibly for many more men than ever before.

Click and peruse the updated double-breasted tailored clothing!

Peruse the updated classic pea coats and tailored outerwear below!

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