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If you don't use your brain it'll turn to mush.  Maybe mother didn't say it quite so bluntly (or maybe she did) but however she said it, the message is not hard to follow.  Keeping track of all the 'next big things' and 'latest must haves' and 'revolutionizing new gadgets' takes constant plugging in to what's new and honestly by the time we realize it, that 'wonder' can be well on its way out the door.  However, there is something that I have been noticing in fashion for the past few years that signifies a changing of the perspective of sorts.  Now, while this has always been on the battlefield, it seems to be stepping more and more to the battle line as more information becomes PDF accessible, printed magazines become obsolete, rappers become fashion icons, designers & actors all in a season and what influences Dequan from Detroit also influences Hideki from Harajuku and Polly Pendergast on Park Avenue South.

Li'l Wayne and Shinjuku guy both wearing Jeremy Scott Adidas Panda

Harajuku girl and A$AP Rocky both wearing Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings

The perspective that has changed is a welcomed acceptance and gravitational pull, if you will, towards a mish mash of all the influentials of one's life and experiences in relation to one's style.  I've spoken before about the realization the public has found in that they can find a cultivation for their own fame no matter how crazy, shameful or talented.  This can be by framing true talent, proposing the idea of talent, showcasing outlandish behavior, displaying unapologetic realness or taking a leap of faith in following a dream (or nightmare).  What goes on in PR boardrooms worldwide, on the internet and in the heads of the 'driven' all work to fuel the phenomena that says 'now is the time to be seen, heard, followed, liked, retweeted and friended'.  This time is reaping the benefits fiscally for companies, socially for advertisers and believe it or not fashionably for the fashion industry.

Kanye West and Kelly Cutrone assistant, Andrew Mukamal, both rocking H&M Versace bomber

Indian socialite Sonam Kapoor and Pharrell Williams both on their Hermes Birkin bag swag

So what happened was that the power came to the people; the people rose up, if you will.  So now all of a sudden companies dictating to the masses had to share the spotlight with individuals who were technologically 'plugged in' to the point where it gave them an advantage to see what's happening on the other coast or in another country or on Fashion Avenue before the big whigs could remix, repackage and resell it.  The people took some trending power away from the ones who for years controlled it.  And yes, while it may seem like it has spiraled out of control to a non-stop 25 hour feed of continuous opinion and information, it's also created more avenues for creativity, personality and a call for more individuals and companies alike to think way out the box to stay relevant.

So this is how it is very easily understandable that the brain can turn to mush.  'Keeping up' is quite exhausting but can be also quite rewarding.  Understanding the influence that fashion pulls from modern culture is key to longevity and evolving with relevance.  Look at the pace of the information displayed and understand the pace of the information to compute.  It's a lot!  And it's reflected throughout fashion spreads, retail stores and printed & online publications alike.  By natural order, the newer generations will soak this up faster and therefore the fruits of their labors will show in their ideas, endeavors and dress.  That's why fashion spreads seem idea heavy, decade-mashed or not proportionately beautiful.  An active spread or style can read as confusion but really mirrors an active society.  You're not supposed to limit your fixation on the color matches (or lack of), style matches (or disjoints) or shape pinpoints.  You are, however, supposed to look at the attempted idea and how that may be behind the broader message being displayed or lifestyle being portrayed.  How can it be dissected?  How can it be perceived?  Just like always, the better ideas will send a better, clearer, more intriguing message.

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