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The Light And Dark of it All

It was perfectly alright to stare into the sky and daydream as a child as long as you didn't stare directly into the sun.  It was also perfectly alright and mesmerizing to stare into the night sky and count the stars. Although, have you ever noticed the true color of the night sky.  Its not black but rather a severely darkened daytime sky.  The deep navy of the nighttime sky has the same entrancing inkiness of black only slightly softened.  How inspirational and how familiar when that color lends itself to things that adorn the body.  There's a fluidity in that darkened crispness that evokes a vulnerability to the mystery of almost being a total blackout.

Subsequently, there's a haunting airiness to the presence of a whiteout.I'd like to think that white can also exude a certain mystery.  Although white is considered a clean, blemish free absence of color, an all white ensemble can sometimes be the veil needed to veil a tarnished aura.  One can also look at it as a 'glass half empty half full' scenario.  All white can represent a fresh cleansing or the unavoidable impending pro pension towards being tarnished or soiled.  However you view the color navy or snow-kissed white, through cut, tones and proportion, Parisian designers for Fall 2012 seemed more intent on using shades of night and colorless tones in ways that suggested the light in the dark, the darkness hidden by the light and all the in between.



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