In Fall 2012 Mens Trends

Obvious Opulence

There used to be a time when men dressed as flashy as a Liberace Residence hall closet.  Now times have changed, and let's face it, they had to.  Ornately brocaded jackets with tails, ruffled 'man' blouses and short pants have no place in today's boardroom.  However, how a bout a tasteful brocade on a trimmed down blazer or an exotic skin in a masculine trench or even an elegantly tailored bold weave on a modern suit.  The dandy male didn't die but like with the natural progression of society, he adapted.  Relevant clothing that speaks to the modern man's idea of luxury is what makes today's dandy male.  The modern man can consist of the man who wants to be seen for what he wears, the man who luxuruizes what he wears just for himself or the man who's aware of how his image captures audiences.

Glitzy luxury, subtle luxury, impeccable luxury were seen on the Fall 2012 runways from various menswear designers.  There was an obvious tone of opulence for whatever kind of luxury men had in mind.  Whether it was high-low beading at Versace, broadtail embellishments at Vuitton, modernized jacquard tailoring at Miharayasuhiro or playboy decadence at Dolce & Gabbana, the opulence was ornate, ostentatious and oh so obvious.

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