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Panorama on Her Person

You've probably heard that the body is a canvas in relation to all the kinds of augmentations and fixer uppers than can be performed on it.  You've also probably heard of several things figuratively mentioned in relation to a blank canvas such as a new life, the on-set of a project or restarting a rocky relationship.  However, this is a fashion blog.  So if I say to you 'blank canvas', you might think that I'm referring to fashion as art.  And yes, while fashion is art there was something I saw among various Fall 2012 womenswear design houses that suggested that we look at the body as as a whole regardless of appendages as one grand canvas.

A continuous stripe disregarding merging the torso with the arms and legs, a head to foot single image like a slideshow on the body or moving cavalcade of color where limbs take a back road and seem like walking art installations are what was proposed by the following designers.  What drove them?  Could be a love of cheekiness, an infatuation with the flowers from a photograph or even an overzealous reminiscing of extracurricular romping.  Whatever it is, this creativity created an assortment of cool specialty pieces meant to evoke adorn the body more than it may visually overwhelm.

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