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Fashion, Very Much Alive and Kicking

I remember years ago when Gianni Versace was still alive, he was at war with Giorgio Armani over a statement made by Mr. Armani.  Well it wasn't so much of a war but rather a barb to answer a barb.  Armani claimed that "Fashion was dead".  Probably a direct interpretation of the fashion of the times at that time (no pun intended).  There was more power moving into the hands of the people and their dollars and away from editorial declarations.  While that is more prevalent now, back then it was enough for the Maestro of the relaxed Italian suit to declare fashion's demise and for the Milanese sexy gown wizard to declare war.  Versace simply retorted by saying that when a designer's collection doesn't seem to be doing too well they are quick to call fashion dead.  However, I believe it's all in the way you view it.  Mr. Armani was more about a natural woman's body in balanced proportion to the drape of the textile while Mr. Versace was always about a woman's natural body through enhancing her shapely proportions with a bit a flair.  While both designers always sold well, given the economic and social climates it could all be subjected to the perspective under which things were viewed.

It's this kind of perspective that would lead one to say now that fashion could be alive and well but downplayed by individual style in relation to lifestyle.  I am reminded of this when I look at all the various fashions proposed for men and women.  It is all left open for individual perception and interpretation.  Women have fem, androgynous, avant, hipster, over the top, trendy, downtown, preppy and minimal to mens' hip hop, metrosexual, goth, Americana, heritage, skater, hypebeast, playboy and tailored.  It seems that the easiest to duplicate the lines of are classic forms of sportswear and what creates quality versus non-quality are creativity, fabrications, cuts and finishing.  However, where fashion lives and pushes on to give the people more options to formulate a personal style is through a skewing of the lines of the norm, disbanding the commonly accepted ideas of finishing and fit and using unconventional fabrics to create updated familiar silhouettes.

That's probably what stood out immediately from the label Bouclier.  Bouclier, which means 'shield' in French, is a mens and womens clothing label that focuses on freedom inspired, non-constricting clothing that doesn't skimp on the comfort while offering up a bit of the non-conventional and a touch of the avant.  For Fall 2012 the brand is pleasantly dishing up covetable clothing.  Working in different grades of jerseys and other knit fabrics, Bouclier offers up styles that have a transferable appeal in the palatable way it can be worn as very relaxed & chic or paired with the more sartorial while still remaining chic.  An interesting dynamic is also how the brand offers their reasonable versions of tailored chic in sharp yet soft versions of their go-to knit fabrics.  The women's collection is peppered with stylish trenches, great shrunken blazers that fit like blouses, easy to dress up or down flattering dresses, sumptuously cozy cardis and sweaters and trim elongated shapely skirts.  Their mens fall collection is seasoned with great asymmetrical outerwear, wabi-sabi inspired jackets and hoodies, sexy tops cut away from the body and diagonally cut trousers that would look great dressed up or down, with sneakers or boots.

What's especially great about the collections are the plausible price points.  Special attention is paid to fit and ease without coming off as sloppy or unkempt.  Bouclier's execution is a well-done and appropriately attainable declaration that style is all yours and fashion is most certainly not dead.

*Special thanks to Red Light PR 

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