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The Beat Goes On While The Shoe Slips On: More From Del Toro Shoes

What a time mens footwear is going through!  So apparently it seems that the heritage boom has made the classics prevail but concurrently an expressive boom has called for classics redone.  The technical, tailored and familiar design throughout heritage, workwear and varsity dressing and the classic suaveness of a trim non-fussy fit seem at first glance to go against the expressive, showy and sometimes 'clashy' attempts to celebrate a colorful and zesty individuality.  However, great style is about owning the design that you choose put on with the better styles being the more insightful and uncontrived.  So lately we've seen a flux of designers trying to give men the classic, the comfortable, the avant and the cheeky in one fluid dose.  While many of these brands are riding the hype bandwagon, there's one brand that I first reported on last season that continues to merge their brand's lifestyle aesthetic to almost seamlessly match the pulse of the designer mens footwear market.  

Del Toro Shoes continues to hit them out of the park with a spring collection that is as attractive and dapper as it is easy to wear and integrate into a wardrobe of highs and lows.  By that I am referring to a wardrobe that consists of your coolest distressed denims and wash & wear button-downs to your updated trim sport coats and nattily tapered trousers and the plethora of ways in which the modern man wears it all together.  

For Spring 2012 the brand is continuing on with an expansion of their great footwear and are offering fabrics and styles that just makes sense for their modern consumer.  There is a mix of various textiles from soft suedes, perforated buttery leathers and slick patents to textured chenilles, ethnic ikats and plush velvets.  The company has also broadened their style offerings to accommodate for their mix of multi-tasking skater heads, scene-hopping and jet-setting 'preppy meets rocker' chicks and new-age twenty-something CEOs.  Some of their top styles for Spring include comfortable color-blocked wingtips, 'CrazySexyCool' slippers, comfy laid-back espadrilles and a new 'downtown-cool/uptown-snazzy' sneaker collection with chukka, wingtip and slip-on sneaker styles.
This season also sees Del Toro's expansion into women's footwear.  Their women's collection consists of their slipper style in various textiles.  Another great style the company offers is a monogram service for both men and women for their slipper style in an insane amount of colors and an even crazier amount of embroidery motifs to suit your inner-outer rockstar, rogue prepster, playboy persona or 'badass' free spirit.  
What I appreciate about Del Toro Shoes is what I first referred to on the shoe blog I post for called "Shoe-ography" as the "Kill Several Birds with One Stone Agenda" where one shoe's versatility solves many of the cosmopolitan's various wardrobe concerns.  For example, their slipper style with or without a monogram or even in a great textured fabric looks great with clean modern tailoring, laid back nautical luxury, distressed denim & a tee or even cuffed Bermudas with a wash-n-wear button-down.  Del Toro understands the appeal of modern luxury for a generation that lives in a time where various forms of luxury is desired and not just over the top opulence.  The brand's versatility in simply their shoe offerings together with their plethora of colors, textures and fabrications allows the wearer to opt for a shoe that speaks to their personal, cultured and informed sense of style.  The good thing is that Del Toro recognizes that those styles can be influenced by rock, rap, prep, Americana, playboys, jet-setting, tailoring, sex, partying, nostalgia and design.  However, don't just take my word for it!  Cop pair for yourself at and

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