In Fall 2012 Women's Trends

'Confectionate' Chic

I don't know the recipe for a French tart, but I know it tastes good.  Maybe there's cream and there's definitely sugar.  There could probably be something decadent like mousse or meringue or maybe even some liqueur-drizzled berries.  Whatever the concoction, the outcome is the same.  A delicious little splash of flavor and ingredients that are exquisitely put together and so rich and flavorful that it must be some part sinful.  Yet there's no repentance.

And appropriately so.  It tastes like heaven.  I'm guessing here, but I think several French designers who showed collections for Fall 2012 must've imbibed on and then been inspired by all that make up those tasty little pâtisserie morsels.  There was a preponderance of dresses both sexy and mini that were draped, bowed, bejeweled and tucked like the decorative confectionate pairings of sweet and tart.  Hemlines, necklines and splits were abbreviated to a 'straddle the line' harmonious balance of skin and cloth akin to the sensuous dance of chocolate and berry toppers.  How appropriately French and most assuredly a tart.

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