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Golden Collaboration

Remember the story of King Midas.  I don't!  What I do remember is the key point of the King's most important attribute.  Everything he touched turned to gold!  This puts the idea in my head of modern day fashion Midas'.  Yes there are a bevy of designers who consistently get it right and drive the hearts of buyers, editors, consumers and celebrities a flutter.  However, there's a retail place that collects those designers that create fashion coronaries and in a rather cool and modern way adopts a Midas touch.  Modern since the store takes the attention away from the mainstream and achieves a cultish status.  Cool since the store's collabo with a classic American label like Keds leads to two goods: an update for a classic national brand and another reason for fashion-heads to flock to Opening Ceremony.

Keds X Opening Ceremony launches at the store in mid to late April and shows how the pairing showcases some knacks.  Keds has a knack for creating familiar American footwear that can be recognized as clean and fun from your seasides to your street corners and campuses to corner bazaars.  Opening Ceremony has the knack for humanizing and congealing non-mainstream fashion and translating it into marketable clothing that can be appreciated from your fashionista to your small town survivor.

This collaboration includes both men and women's clothing in punched up spring colors with a reliance on those same little details that make their footwear comfortably cool.  The options for women border on the hip learned chick, the downtown savvy flea market gal and the modern prepster chick.  Men's options include trim blazers and khakis, marina-kissed outerwear and shirts and sweaters that walk the line of a vintage and campus verve.  Rest assured that Keds-wearers, Opening Ceremony shoppers and fashion-purveyors alike will be in, not gold, but great hands.

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