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Golden Future

Have you ever stopped to think about how one idea can shape an entire generation's consciousness?  Take for example the idea of extraterrestrial life, aliens.  One person in the last century came up with an image of what one looks like and suddenly every sighting by a farmhand in Iowa kind of mirrors that alien paragon.  Then it's driven into us by every movie since it's already deep within our conscience that if alien life did exist, they would be out to destroy us with lasers, fangs, slime, tentacles and/or telepathic powers that we mere mortals could never comprehend.

Don't even get me started on fashion!  Particularly metallic fashion.  Anything in silver or gold tends to be typecast as futuristic and many a designer has fallen right into perpetuating that.  Fashion that is inspired by metallics can be futuristic by consensus and occasionally take cues from progressive architecture.  However, I think the idea of metallics mainly as futuristic has run its course.  Stronger are metallic fashion's ties to the earth and a kind of purity.  It gets deeper when one pairs the natural appeal of gold from the earth and freshly moon-kissed silver with the ostentatiousness of wealth and volume in luxury goods and symbolically in music.  For Fall 2012 several Parisian designers were enamored with gold and decided to draw inspiration 'out of wealth' rather than 'out of this world'.

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