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The Haberdasher's Darling

Talk to a tailor.  Discuss weights, patterns and cuts.  Get measured.  Pick your bolt.  Fit the muslin.  Second fit the muslin.  Fit the sleeveless, top collar-less jacket.  Final fit the jacket with sleeves.  Achieve Savile Row perfection.  How accommodating for men to have their suiting needs catered to.  It's sort of like mens couture that's more rooted in classic, impeccably-made, sartorial elegance rather than a lot of over the top 'Live at Ceasar's Palace' opulence.

Well for Fall 2012 several womenswear designers close in proximity to Savile Row, decided to delve into bringing the sartorial cut into their collections.  These British designers took influence from their nation's heritage for creating nattily attired gents and decided to showcase that not only men can have a 'sharp as a tack' tailored look.  The trend of man-tailoring for a woman is a strong one for Fall but these designers kept the knack while plugging in their own well-oiled feminine aesthetics.  Since the mid-century appeal of mens tailoring and stronger focus of menswear classics like Harris tweed have seen a resurgence, lending such an air to womenswear adds some rigidity to the often frivolous world that is Ready to Wear.  The Brits are coming, well-suited and ready!

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