In Fall 2012 Women's Trends

Lady Owns The Blues

To hell with it's correlations to sadness.  It's more than the name of the cheese that accompanies hot wings. It's certainly more powerful than melancholy music that goes well with gin and cigarettes.  Blue is a powerful color for so many reasons and designers for Fall 2012 did not seem to hide their love for this inspirational color.

All over the runways for Fall were interpretations of the perfect cobalts and royal blues.  There was a strength in the presence of this blue in womenswear that didn't translate as masculine or saddened.  There was a bold strength exuded by the brilliance of such perfect blues on great design that suggested a regal beauty and attractive confidence in a way similar to the psychosexual confidence brought forth the a woman in red.  However, instead of the color relating to the sensory perception of red to the body's biology, blue seems to be relating to a different subject in biology: nature.  Blue skies, the ocean blue, blue flames, sapphire blue.  Designers were inspired by it all for Fall and how fitting since after all, red can't have all the fun.

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