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The Mistress and The Mrs

Scenario painted.  The courtship, the affair, the betrayal, the (coquettish) mistress, the silent (but wealthy) wife.  For all the philandering men that throw it around there's always some woman in their corner either cleaning it up or pretending not to notice his skilled pitching arm.  Watch any popular 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's mafioso flick and some handsome Italian gigolo made right by a beautiful belle always seems to be lead astray by some olive-skinned damsel. It's the wife against the mistress.  Makes you wonder sometimes what's so heavy about the guy they are cat-scratching over.  Is it his charm, his looks, his confidence, his infamy or his wallet?

Whatever the reason, what's always been more telling to me is how the template from mistress to wife seems to always stay the same.  It goes from short and bubbly with unavoidable sensuality to polished strong femininity.  Why the change?  Maybe it's the upgrade to the open availability of the husband's cash flow coupled with the ensuing of her carrying his heir that says 'ditch the lace décolletage leg-baring minis and don the immaculately tailored trim suits' that hint towards keeping the business of home rather than the deep v-dress tightly-knit.  Oh how tangled when the former mistress won't shake her scantily clad feminine wilds!  However it goes and whatever the scenario, for Fall 2012 Italian designers seemed to be enraptured with the sexiness of the padrona and the sensual strength of the sposa.  But don't take my word for it, rent 'Casino', 'Scarface', 'Marriage Italian Style' and 'Arabesque'!

The Mistresses 

The Wives

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