In Fall 2012 Mens Trends

Shrink to Fit

It seems that everything in menswear is shrinking.  In an appropriately complementary way of course but albeit not the most convenient.  Pants are trimmer and in some cases higher, jackets are leaner and no longer mid-palm length, sleeves skim the bicep more than ever and I challenge you to find an attractive dress shirt in a department store that doesn't say 'slim fit'.  The complement comes by better-fitting clothing making men look leaner, more athletic and tailored.  The inconvenience saunters in when you consider that unless your metabolism is faster than Usain Bolt on uppers, you had better adopt some sort of workout regimen or steadfast mantra to evoke the most fervent of will powers.

The Fall 2012 runway saw no shortage of the shrinkage.  However, the shrinkage in question, in some cases, can afford you to have a small pooch or be a distant runner up for Mr. Universe.  Menswear designers were totally into tweaking, updating and reissuing the classic menswear bomber shape for this coming fall season.  Naturally the proportion depending on the style bomber would have to be shrunken to accommodate the shortened clothing underneath.  However, in some cases designers played with proportions by layering hip-straddling jackets under their waist length and high-waist length bomber silhouettes and in other cases the bomber became almost a second skin suggesting a merge of the outer meets inner wear.

So men can choose to wear the new shrunken or the updated classic.  A 'less than gym body' in the latter will be fine but with everything else so trim and lean, I suggest you order in a similar fashion from the menu.  Or I suppose you could just keep your jacket open.  Whatever works.

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