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I Rant, You Read: Particularly Patriotic

There seems to be a new kind of patriotism going around.  However, there are no bevy of multicolored ribbons to represent a sickness, natural disaster or cultural catastrophe plaguing America.  Nor are there any more amounts of mass parades to signify the end of a war, the winning of a championship or the recognition of an imposed US holiday.  This new patriotism seems to be a direct result of America's most serious crisis right now: the sluggish economy.  And after all this is a fashion blog, so if you do the math of economy + fashion and trends you'd almost certainly miss the new patriotism but its quite apparent if you know what you are looking for.

This new patriotism, just like most things to be patriotic about, is found in the familiar things that have shaped our culture and built the heroes and role models in society that we and even other nationalities have come to recognize as distinctly Western and über-American.

It's not one thing I'm speaking of, its a collection of things that are copied the world over.  It's the American spirit of fashion.  Huh?  Yes!!  More than ever before that Ivy League, campus collegiate, inner-city lore and laid-back pomp of all that is Americana has been what's driving retail.  How do I know?  Well not only have I had the opportunity to see what designers propose months ahead but I also observe the tendencies of what the young and the old are buying by noting popular culture and also by perusing the stores when I shop for clients.  Also, fashion always almost directly reflects the American happenstance.  It serves almost as an American newspaper in cotton gab and wool worsted.  Investing in the country's resources (which also means its ideas) and having a maintained togetherness as a nation is what's going to fix the economy and hence the US's future.  The fashionable zeitgeist seems to be to take the American framework and modernize it through cut, color, print and styling even if that styling and the cut is more European.   Interestingly, the strip-down is essentially American.  A focus on tailoring, texture, print and color, yes, can be attributed to Eastern culture.  However, the strong allusion to approach the pieces as separates is the essentially the laid-back, toiled-over aesthetic of American Sportswear.

So yes the new revamped classics like Air Jordans, the Converse Franchise, Ray Bans, the varsity jacket, khakis, the M-65 jacket, among others are not to be taken lightly.  They represent how each generation after the next adds to what is essentially American front the American stock along their patriotic journey.

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