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Objects Will Appear As Cool As They Seem: Dzmitry Samal

What draws you into a design?  You could be an intellectual and look for the deeper meaning of silhouette and shape.  Perhaps you're a wild type and looking to have fun and been seen with over the top visual revelry.  Maybe you're a minimalist and want the cleanest most under-designed piece of whatever to the point of the appearance of complete conformity.  Then again, you could be totally lifestyle driven where form following function is what you look for above all else to satisfy your 'outdoorsy' and 'on the go' yen.

I often see cool design in all the areas I just mentioned, after all things can be celebrated for their simplicity, complexity or even their whimsy.  The latter can be particularly fun especially since that kind of design often plays into our preconceived perspectives and references in design and marries them in an abstract or unfamiliar way.  It's sort of like a pun of words when referring to whimsical design.  I think a great outcome however is when you can balance the whimsy with the plausible and kill several design birds with one stone.

That is what Dzmitry Samal has done.  His company Samal Design encompasses his love of and cultivated vision for product design and fashion.  Being a former car designer, he adds a strong structural almost architectural element to his technologically advanced handmade French eyewear and Swiss-made watches in a fun and interpretive way that dances in and out of the borders of conventional design while still paying attention to the fact that it will adorn the body.  The whimsy in his designs show that Samal is not afraid to suggest bold design themes like solid framework and almost pop-artlike references and tailor them to make interesting pieces that don't overpower but rather showcase how many see their body as a canvas.

Pixels, furniture design and automotive design are not outside the frame of influence (no pun intended) for Dzmitry Samal.  All in all they are some pretty sweet-looking design pieces.  Check out the company's website for more information, the complete collection, past celebrity collaborations and for ordering information.

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