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Untying The Black Tie: Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review Part 5

Flashing, Lights!  The paparazzi is going ape!  The crowd reacts to the flurry of the paparazzi and becomes manic!  The demure and exquisitely dress starlet of the moment emerges onto the red carpet and strikes her patented Life & Style, In Touch Weekly, People Magazine pose.  She pivots, maybe subtly swiping the train behind her again and strikes her trained poses again.  But wait!  She didn't swipe her train.  Some guy in a tux did.  Granted it could be the up and coming 'It' boy but his gesture of chivalry and his charming good looks are overshadowed by her bugle beaded, strapless, carpet-grazing borrowed frock for the evening.

Long has the red carpet male been overlooked.  All he has ever really been expected to do on the red carpet is look the part.  A nattily tailored tuxedoed gent without any razzle or dazzle serving as the perfect accessory to his date's kaleidoscope of fashion, jewels and hairspray.  Understandably so, perhaps.  Menswear has always been a snail-moving and slow-changing machine so naturally formal wear was never exempt from the equation especially considering that men wore bow ties and tails much less than jeans and sneakers.

However, if the last few years of menswear have been any indication, men are waking up and falling into the throws of vanity.  While they're not donning backless fishtail floor-lengths, more men are becoming less accepting of that rented penguin look and more receptive towards revamped retro styles, updated proportions to tailoring and even color for their formal wear.  There is a definite stigma that exists when speaking of the expectations of men and their formal wear in that a black tuxedo and bow-tie is thought to be the only way a distinguished man should dress up for an event.  The Spring/Summer 2013 European Menswear shows were a definite indication that with all the various occasions plaguing men from weddings to award shows to banquets to fundraisers, the traditional monkey suit can be updated and like the rest of a modern man's wardrobe, be tastefully made his own given nature, time and location of the event.  Try and rent these looks!

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