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Brand Profile: HALF UNITED: Pushing for the Cool Lunch Period

The next time you're impulsively buying that t-shirt with a God-knows-what on it or that non-descript necklace by the registers in some national chain store, let me give you something to ponder.  Will this tee or necklace hits its 'wow' factor once it gets a couple of wears or will their shelf lives go on in more ways than one?

That's the thinking behind redemption fashion, as I call it, and the message from Half United.  Half United is an über-tiny company with a voice trying to make big moves to FIGHT hunger locally and in third world countries.  How?  For every cool fashion item or funky accessory purchased from Half United, the company donates half the profit to provide A WEEK'S worth of school lunches to a student in a third world country and to local food banks.  The redemption is that child could go on to become the next great humanitarian, doctor, politician or leader for social change that could uplift the socioeconomic outlook of their country.  After all, learning should be of the utmost concern for a small child in school and not extinguishing hunger pangs.  

Half United makes it their effort to see to it that eradicating the need of a meal for a hungry student will increase their hunger for knowledge and progress.  Something to think about on your next trip to the mall is that he more support they receive, the more mouths they can feed, so that the mind stays on the books.  For cool wears and for more info, watch the video below and check out their site at

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  1. Loved your article! Thank you so much.

    -The HALF UNITED team



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