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Canvasing The City: Cesar Galindo Spring/Summer 2013

So recently in the news, it was reported that New York City was voted the most dirtiest city in the US.  Surprising? No!  I don't think any New Yorker was surprised to hear of that untidy honor.  Comparable to that swamp smell being linked to New Jersey is the fact that the dirty train stations, streets and sidewalks are what earn New York its characteristic and collective "ewww's".  However, say and use as much hand-sanitzer as you want, the city still inspires.  It's inspired countless songwriters, artists, playwrights, humanitarians and filmmakers to look past the questionable muck and the mire and see the culture, opportunity and citywide insomnia that makes New York the geographical Energizer bunny of cities.

Designers also share in being captivated by the city.  If I had to guess, I would say every designer with longevity that's based in New York has had at least some part or all of at least one of their collections inspired by the scenes outside the windows of their buildings, taxicabs or subway car windows.  So why should Cesar Galindo be any different?

Now keep in mind I report this without seeing any mood board of his, but Mr. Galindo's Spring Summer 2013 Collection seemed to mimic the Big Apple by way of silk satin and bugle beads to say the least.  He showed a dazzling collection of mostly gowns & dresses, something that he has always been stellar at.  The backdrops behind his models were some testament to his collection's New York influence with nighttime panoramic pics of sky scrapers and New York landmarks being displayed in full shimmering glory.

There were three segments in the collection that seemed to pull out those select special stolen moments in the New York experience.  The first could've easily been an homage to the bright lights of Broadway to the white marbled columns and surfaces of NYC staples with exquisitely draped and beaded gowns, cocktail dresses and sportswear separates in alabasters, silver-whites and ecrus.  The second segment reminded me of how beautifully still and stoic the city is at night with all the lights of its many office buildings creating awe-inspiring contrasts to the inky sky. Here, bright lights were traded for ornately beaded dresses and everything from that familiar reflection from off of the East River to the fiery glow of overnight construction lights and even the Art Deco influence of the Chrysler Building were traded for fabrics in shades from dusky silvers to glistening navies to electric rosés.  The last segment reminded one of the glow the city takes on at sunset and the warm light-kissed surfaces created against the city's natural stone monuments like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Grand Army Plaza monument.  The soft hues of reddish browns were given full blush treatment and bedecked with feminine prints, flirtatious fringe and shimmery beads.

All in all, Mr. Galindo seemed to be making a strong point about how the beauty of the city in its daily transformation can be analogous and beneficial to the strong women of the metropolis.  Something to ponder and take notice of, if not pride in, the next time you cosmo gals are rushing to the theater, taking a nighttime stroll with your beau along the waterfront or just deciding to skip the cab ride after the event and stroll home.
Cesar Galindo

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