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Clothing From The Nation's Backyard: Raleigh Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to respect it.  Raleigh Denim is not just your run of the mill denim company.  They are a part of the more responsible companies trying to remain green and authentic to their craft in an industry where mass manufacturing has run amok.  Small in company size, sourcing all denim locally from Cone Denim Mills in North Carolina and fully made in the USA, Raleigh Denim is a brand that seeks to preserve that age old American spirit of "if you want it, get it from your own backyard", so to speak.

Known more for their small-run hand-stamped denim made on vintage machines, Raleigh is beginning to branch out beyond denim and offer more ready to wear options with 'Raleigh'.  Their Spring 2013 show featured classic American sportswear for a younger more conscientious consumer who wants clean lines and simple graphics.  Showing a nice range of sportswear, they offered trim solid and floral printed buttons down with contrast collars and plackets, minimal striped and fun colored solid sun dresses and slim cropped cotton pants and bermuda shorts in subtle garden prints for the ladies.  Their mens offerings stemmed from shrunken blazers and shirt jackets in various denim weights, super-trim and easy to 'dress up dress down' long and short sleeve cotton button downs to also go with a range of various weighted denims and khakis and, my particular favorite, a remixed updated khaki version of the Catalina jacket.

So once again, the wheel may not have been reinvented but there are hosts of modern consumers that prefer it not to be, which I feel Raleigh is in touch with.  It's these same consumers that will look to a brand to think like how they think and support their simple and inspired ideals.  More of the lifestyle side of lifestyle marketing.

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