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I Rant, You Read: Ab Rolls Over Sweet Rolls

So having just come out of the New York Spring 2013 and well a ways into the Milan Spring 2013 right now, I ask with wonder, how will you all make it come together.  The clothes on your bodies that is.  While I understand that fashion that high represents only a small percentage of the populace, it all trickles down.  I say this, pointing out particularly to my male readers who connect with fashion, that the trimmed down, body conscious movement in menswear isn't really going anywhere.  Is your body ready for Spring 2013.
Chumley the Walrus and Peter Griffin:  Not so much candidates for slim fit

You've can't say you haven't seen it coming and been warned.  You've had ample time to prepare.  While, yes fashion is cyclical and fuller cuts, lowered armholes and pleated pants may come back full circle, food allergies, green mindsets and eating to live are on the rise like never before.  And lets face it, although cyclical, the last time menswear saw lanky fashion was in the heroin threads of the 70's and I know you've not going to hold onto that Geoffrey Beene suit that long enough to where it's relevant again, so you have some decisions to make.

The athletic Victor Cruz dons modern cut suits in September 2012 GQ

These decisions involve the gym, the diet and overall the body.  Am I suggesting that you change who you are and what you do solely for clothes?  Of course not!  However, unless you plan on walking around naked or are comfortable complaining how nothing is ever cut for your body, maybe how you treat your body has something to do with not just your clothes, but your stamina, skin, hair, aging process, confidence, social calendar (or lack thereof) and weight.  Something to think about during your next 3am food run to the corner deli's picked over buffet made 24 hours earlier.

I am not judging, I am merely suggesting that we all live a little bit more responsibly and since fashion and adornment is my expertise, I am attacking this from that angle.  No shame in that.  We all want to look nice for ourselves, I trust, or even others.  I don't know of anyone who wants to make either easy or hard shopping into a scavenger hunt for good fit or even any fit at all.  I too this year found myself getting a little boxy, as in Spongebob, and as I approach 40 in the distance, I've given up the idea of sleeping in a large pickle jar every night to preserve my youthful appearance.  So I joined a gym in April and started mapping the road to rejuvenation and systematically misplaced the map of the best route to Dunkin' Donuts.  As with any exercise, your diet is the balancing act so more putting greens in the juicer and less spending green at the rib shack is advantageous.

 Both can be fine but one leads to you bypassing the slim-fit aisle more than the other

Remember patience is virtuous and so is persistence.  Rome wasn't built in a day but love handles can be built in under a month.  That's why I'm addressing this now.  Your bridge coats and parkas are your excuses for the winter but come springtime you should have a 'more ready you', less excuses and hopefully less trips to the dry cleaner for them to let out the seats of your trousers.  Stay tuned, I'll be sharing my thoughts, relaying some advice and hopefully coaxing you out of the ice-cream aisle at the supermarket in later posts, on Instagram and Twitter.

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