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La Isla Bonita: Whit Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Review

A memento for their new nest egg.  A few souvenirs for Aunt This and Uncle That.  Perhaps even a 'bun in the oven'.  Many people bring back different things from their honeymoon.  These are normally things that mark a joyous memory of the time following the initiation of their union and hopefully ones that will be a reminder to start every embarkment on a good note.  Well for Whitney Pozgay of Whit, she began designing her Spring 2013 collection while on her honeymoon in enchanting St. Lucia.  Free of phones and emails she got lost in the banana leaves, beach lore and tropical lushness of the small island nation.

For Spring 2013, Whit presented a wonderful collection that will make a woman want to go on vacation, or maybe just find an inner-metrapolis oasis.  Ms. Pozgay must've really connected with the simple aesthetic from the island since she presented chic little vibrant printed day dresses, slim capris and blouses with lively tropical flora and sunny navy and white dresses, skirts and shoes with cabana stripes.  The collection also showed her affection for minimally designed silhouettes.  She used the cabana stripes to create interesting layered and kissing optics on skirts, sheath dresses and short suits.  Her prints, especially the ones of banana leaves, felt alive and fresh not just on vacation south of the equator but also very plausible for a woman to incorporate into their wardrobes south of, say, 96th street.  Some of my standout favorites was a breezy crochet-like three color dress that called to mind tropical brush, the fun & geometric straw handbags and her cheeky pairings of solid color open weave airy fabrics and her cabana stripes with her more festive prints.

There was no need to get crazy with the patternmaking with this collection, and fortunately for Ms. Pozgay, that's not her style.  Coming from designing for Steven Alan, she understands what shapes sell to modern gals and how to infuse it with retail tact and skill.  And now, how sweet that she will always have Spring 2013 to remember her honeymoon by.

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