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Ladies In Waiting: Fotini Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Review

Remember that scene in that Sophia Coppola remake of "Marie Antoinette" where the queen and her royal court were imbibing in those delicious pastries in the queen's chamber.  Of course the fashion left an impression but I remember those macaroons, cupcakes and tarts in wonderful pastel and springy colors, so decadent and so tantalizing.  It was a wonderful display of sweet little treats that together with the colors of the queen's and her ladies' garbs made for a cavity-inducing scene of scrumptious delight.

The Spring 2013 Collection from Fotini was one of enchanting dresses that reminded you of eighteenth century French decadence translated into modern shapes for the ladies who lunch, the debutantes who are courted and the women who chair.  There was an ethereal quality to the clothing that together with the colors like butter, sage, lavender, soft pink and taupe were at once innocent and mysterious.  The mystery was in the sort of woman that lies behind such a picture of gentility and grace since not only were these gowns beautiful but also flirtatious.  

The collection was peppered with feminine references like touches of sweet beading and beautifully draped  silks, like organza, lace and chiffon.  There were also wonderful wisteria prints applied to cocktail dresses, evening gowns and ready-to-wear pieces.  Silhouettes ranged from chic little straight short sleeved day dresses to long slimming evening gowns that fell softly about the hips and legs to lovely strapless cocktail dresses with an emphasis on delicately draped bodices.  The ready-to-wear ranged from slimming button downs in that wisteria print to perfectly cut short shorts and cropped cigarette pants to body conscious tailored sheath style tops.

Perhaps the real grand mystery was not in the clothing but in the women behind the clothing.  Whether  the sweet colors, flirtatious shapes and clean modernity is celebrating their femininity or attracting to advances of a gentleman caller, the collection overall has sweeter connotations of just letting them 'eat cake'.

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