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What Keeps the Garment Going and Going and Going.... : Woolite Washed Pop-Up Store for Fashion Night Out

One can't be into fashion without taking enough time and effort to preserve its wearable shelf life.  I mean let's face it, what's the use of having a fabulous sweater or pair of trousers that loses its luster, becomes visually mundane or promotes itself to the back of the closet after a couple of shaming washes.

Admittedly, I have t-shirts, trousers, dress shirts and the likes thereof that I have been wearing for years simply since I understand that your clothing keeps going as long and as strong as the care you put into them.  This is why I began using Woolite Dark on all of my dark clothes years ago.  My blacks are not grey and my deep navies don't resemble the colors you'd see during a wine grape harvest.  What's good to know if you love that tee and want it to last well beyond its fashionable years is that a quality detergent like Woolite, whether using the Everyday formula for your regular colors or the Darks formula for your darker colors, will keep your colors vibrant despite whether or not the fashion itself fades.

 L to R:  Timo Weiland on the 1's & 2's and Timo Weiland Tees

L to R: Tees from LNA and Dannijo Tanks

Driving home this fact is something you all should swing by and check out this evening for Fashion Night Out in New York.  Woolite has teamed up with some cool designers to showcase just how extraordinary their products really are in a pop-up shop in Soho.  I went to the kick off last night and was drawn to how everything in the shop was pre-washed with Woolite and had such a tactile delicious softness to them.  Timo Weiland's shirts just made you want to put one on then and there while Laundry by Shelli Segal's scarfs cajoled you wrap your neck up in softness.  The easy cozy tees by LNA and graphic tanks by Dannijo were broken-in casual no-brainers while the quaint denim pouches by Felix Rey were the perfect cushy pleasing opposite to rough raw denim.

 L to R: Laundry Scarves and Felix Rey pouch purses

L to R: Felix Rey pouch purse, Woolite Everyday and Woolite Darks

So if you're in the area of 372 West Broadway tonight, be sure to stop by the Woolite Washed Pop-up Shop and snag some wonderfully 'Woolited' goodies from those five cool designers.  Proceeds will be donated to Save the Children so why not be cozy and humanitarian in one full stroke.

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