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You Get A Gown Because The Woman Understands The Gown: Pamella Roland Spring/Summer 2013 Review

You have to give it to a designer when they find their niche.  While there are some designers that are quite versatile and capable of producing great outputs in different sectors of design, oftentimes the press, their peers or the public desires to cast a designer in a particular role.  I suspect the way of the choosing may have come from the one noteworthy moment when it seemed that a particular design or part of a collection really set a designer apart and got all eyes to move in their direction collectively.

For Pamella Roland, her role has certainly became that of a gown designer to the stars.  What makes the difference however, is if the designer avoids the role trying to broaden their perspective or, as in the case of Mrs. Roland, moves effortlessly and elegantly into the role and offers greater design offerings through the collective aesthetic of her role.  Simply put, Pamella Roland's gowns were always glamorous and sublimely constructed so she ran with the glamour and made herself into a household name among the Hollywood glitterati.  For Spring 2013, she continues to own it with a collection of gorgeous clothing that was modern yet classic.

How so?  Well, the fabrics like the crisp silk shantungs, dewy georgettes and nubbly tweeds were classic fundamental textiles that are familiar amongst women, having defined women's fashion for so long.  Then, since there is such a propensity nowadays towards being overtly seen and remembered within the modern popular culture circuit,  Mrs. Roland showed a collection that didn't skimp on the drama.  However, it was tailored to suit her polished aesthetic of demanding attention due to craftsmanship over blatant hype.  She showed gorgeous color-blocked pleating, wonderful boned and sheer peekaboo backs to exquisitely cut evening jackets and gowns in georgette and chiffon that were cut and draped to perfection.

The show had the heavy tone of black tie, understandably so, but with remixed nods to the deconstruction of a man's tuxedo uniquely feminized.  To wear such clothing, a lady should have poise and panache and what's interesting to note is that its almost as if the clothing visually commands such character corrections in their beautiful executions.  After all, when a great gown does its job, 'poise', 'statuesque stance' and 'all eyes on you' are its silent but confident disclaimer.

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