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A Watch For All Seasons: SoBe Tech Watch by Glam Rock Watches

"Killing several birds with one stone" is a phrase that men today have sought to apply to their closets to accommodate for their diverse schedules and varied daily occasions.  A day can start at work and wind up with a more formal or more casual evening.  So versatile clothing and accessories have become very appealing to the modern cosmopolitan man and have elevated his varied needs far above the obligatory funeral suit/wedding suit.  

I, for one, love versatility in my accessories since my week can be casual one day and gritty the next after having been dressy two days before.  This is why I really connected with the new SoBe Tech Watch from Glam Rock Watches.  Inspired by classic race cars with details like dashboard inspired faces and leather and textured silicon bands that resemble tire treads, it's a watch that appeals to a man in a pared down clean sophisticated manner.  Now here comes the icing on the cake.  

The SoBe watch has a patented interchangeability function that can take the watch from sporty to casual to dressy with just the click of the removable watchband or snap of the removable face plate.  Each watch comes with a 3 stainless steel face plates in 3 streamlined finishes and additional face plates and straps can be purchased from .  So it seems that the one law that never really applied to the mens clothing your dad used to don is something many men today are can literally set their watches by.  

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