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Bees Knows Best: Burt's Bees Ultimate Care Line

I used to think it was a just a black thing.  Until, although hard, I actually saw ash on skin of a lighter persuasion.  Then I thought well it's only bad during the summer since I have to show off my gams and arms to the masses then realized that, although they stay hidden, ash creeps up in the winter ten times worse than the ugly head it rears in the summer.  

Ashy skin affects us all and since it does, I had to further investigate this obvious stumbling block to my stylish conveyance.  Why stumbling block?  Well, how less likely are you to be wowed by the dashing man with his toned legs, shapely arms and chiseled face if it appears as though he was stripped down and pummeled with chalkboard erasers by the schoolyard bully?  Further, how much less unattractive is that cutie pie in her printed mini dress if it appears as though her legs and arms have taken on a white-scale print of their own?  I know that its a simple thing to take care of but many of us neglect the fact that proper moisturizing completes the look that we spend our time skulking around stores, perusing online and rummaging through our significant other's closets to complete.

I'm an advocate of investing in one's largest organ, the skin, by making sure it stays moisturized properly.  So when I first heard of Burt's Bees latest products, their Ultimate Care Body Lotion and Hand Cream, I thought I must try this and I will without a doubt say that they work.  Not only does it work for us ash-prone individuals but it also gives the peace of mind that say, a good washing machine, a timed pressure-cooker or even a Roomba give in that you set it and forget it!  Something to think about for you ladies who wish to don a mini and for the lazy fellas who don't wanna have to re-lotion again in the day.

Burt's Bees actually stands behind the fact that it says 'all day moisture'.  So if you decided to hit the after-hours spot after a day at work, Burt's Bees Ultimate Body Care makes sure just you get in and not the ash.  One of the key ingredients is African Baobab Oil.  Known as the 'Tree of Life' and used for centuries by the women in the African savannah, it is a rich source of essential fatty acids and strong antioxidants.  Combined together with a trusted earth-friendly name like Burt's Bees, the potent and clinically proven ingredients shine, so no need for parabens and fillers that decorate and don't perform. I challenge your elbows, knee caps and the skin within their vicinities to take the Burt's Bees Ultimate Care Challenge; your hands, skin and quite possibly the one you let caress will thank you.

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