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Comfort Food Remix: Côtes du Rhône Wines and Emmi Fondue

The days are still sunny at times but there's something about losing that warm Summer breeze for the Fall's crisp air that makes one want get snuggled up.  Essentially it's time for comfort food.  However, I'd like you to keep in mind that while Fall is not even a month old, springtime will be back before you know it.  So how about comfort with a bit of culinary class.  It may be a way to ensure that the vernal equinox won't return next year to find that your waistline has seen the ugly side of going back for thirds.

There's something very inviting to coming home in the Fall and enjoying a nice glass of wine with some cheese.  I recently had the pleasure of sampling some wines from Rhône Valley Wines.  Their wines from the Côtes Du Rhône region are primarily reds and a delicate balance of fruit and spice for yummy subtle aromas such as fresh ripe strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.  Meanwhile, for taller wine connoisseurs, their Côtes Du Rhône Villages wines are more intense and complex and often encompass fragrances of the southern French countryside such as aromatic thymes and lavenders.  Perfect cozy and appropriately cultured flavors for a warm evening at home.

Meanwhile to keep the theme alive, I also had the recent pleasure of sampling cheese in a different form.  Emmi Fondue is a deliciously flavorful melted cheese with wine and spices.  Admittedly I thought the idea of fondue would be rather labor intensive but all you really need is a cast iron skillet, fondue pot or earthenware to bring Emmi Fondue to life.  Available in three delicious flavors, all it takes is your favorite delicacies, like crusty breads, savory meats or fresh veggies and something suitable for dipping to create a wonderful meal for impromptu social gatherings, intimate movie nights or relaxing nights alone curled up with your Kindle.  It really has a great flavor that is so comforting and can add a fragrantly cheesy kick to many of your culinary favorites.  Emmi Fondue has also got you covered in case your tooth is more sweet than savory with their chocolate fondue as well.

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