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Flavor Invasions: Salt Sisters and Bodum Ceylon Ice-Tea Maker

I used to inhale.  No not that kind of inhaling!  I'm talking food.  My intense love of food at one point in my life had me eating without really tasting.  It was only after I got older that I realized what I missing in swallowing a full course meal in the amount of time it takes one to leave home to go to the restaurant, eat the meal then wait for the valet.  So now that I've learned patience in my seasoned 30's, I'm now all into what I've been missing.  The flavor, the ingredients, the combinations, the results of the infusions of flavor.  

I had the recent pleasure of discovering two very distinct culinary delights that focus on flavor that, I must say, were really notable flavor producers.  The first was Salt Sisters, a wonderful collection of everyday salts and seasonings named after the founder Charmane Skillen's daughters Sydney, Alexis, Lauren and Taylor.  Whether you're baking, marinating or seasoning, Salt Sisters has got your pallet covered.  Skillen has six flavor sections (classic s.a.l.t., flavored s.a.l.t., h.e.r.b., c.a.n.e., r.u.b.s. and  b.e.a.n.) with a wide array of combinations in each, that will wake up a variety of savory and sweet dishes not mention add a bit of a zing to cocktails.  Her b.e.a.n. section consists of an airtight bottle that houses the best vanilla beans which you can fill with any kind of liquor.  Here are some samplings:

The next flavor explosion came from a kitchenware staple Bodum.  At a recent Cooking and Entertaining Showcase I fell in love with their Ceylon Iced Tea Maker and Jug.  However, don't let the name fool you.  It's not just for tea.  The slits on one side cause the water to infuse into the other side that houses the flavor, which can be anything from tea leaves to fruit to cinnamon.  The water side also doesn't have to house just water either.  Try any spirit for a flavored cocktail or any wine for any festive sangria.  The possibilities are endless and so are the flavors.

Visit Salt Sister's website for all the various kinds of salts and flavorings and some creative recipes and visit, or for Bodum's Ceylon.  Taste bud awakening guaranteed.

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