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I Rant, You Read: Tasteful Beyond The Closet

Where does one go next when they've figured out their clothing life?  By that I mean, you know what looks good on you, works for you and you know how to achieve it without risk of impoverishment, heckling or regret.  What's next?  I personally feel that there has to be a certain level of balance to one's life.  You can't have a fabulously fashionable and cohesive wardrobe then go home and have the most challenging of decisions of whether to have pork & beans mesquite or pork & beans honey barbecue.  Let's not even discuss if that smorgasbord of canned delicacies were plopped atop a flimsy paper plate and mismatching cutlery.

Case in point, having a bit of artistic and creative balance in every area of your life is good for the mental, physical and social.  Think of the allure of a plush new duvet, the aroma of fresh cut flowers when you open the front door, the perfect looking fun wine rack to liven up that drab corner in your living room or the delight of celebrating your single life with friends and a nice bottle of wine in great glasses and quick delicious hors d'oeuvres.  There is something to taking the spirit of fashion and making life, not just your clothes, beautiful.  It sort of completes a balanced picture of an interesting well-rounded life by taking an invested pride in all that surrounds you and affects your social interactions and personal perspectives as they pertain to your five senses.

With that said here are four things that are appealing to my sense of taste (literally and figuratively) in great ways as of late:
Fontignac French Oven- I cook EVERYTHING in this...chilis, stews, stir fries you name it!! Fontignac

Cambozola Black Label Cheese- A salty punchy cheese that goes great with semi sweet wines like the one below.  Cambozola Black Label

Jeunesse Cabernet Savignon- Slightly sweet and OH SO RIGHT...I just keep pouring a pouring!!  Jeunesse Baron Herzog

Green Tomato Sangria- If you think it's going to taste like tomatoes then think's refreshingly earthy and citrusy sweet!  Pictured above was my second one with dinner at the Neely's Barbecue Parlor in NYC.

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