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Life Without Bling is a Bore: Jimmy Crystal 'Illuminated Elegance': Swarovski Elements Designer Collections

If diamonds are a girl's best friend then there are probably a lot of lonely girls out there.  Also, if diamonds are supposedly a girl's bestie it seems many girls today are taking pleasure in their acquaintances instead of waiting for a BFF.  And why not?  If the acquaintances are attractive, speak to the heart, complete the story and make a girl feel like a queen then what's the harm?

The love affair with the sparkle continues.  There's no waiting for diamonds when the loveliest of crystals are available and can transform outfits into enchantment and take women to a place of radiance and fantasy.  Jimmy Crystal New York, the premier jeweler that has transformed everything from cellphone covers, cosmetic cases, sunglasses, purses and home items into bejeweled objects of colorful and blinged out revelry, in everywhere from the finest hotels to your finest department stores, has a new undertaking for Fall with the new Swarovski Elements Collaboration.  The company has allowed some of its most talented designers to create jewelry of fancy using the finest, most wonderfully luminescent stones from Swarovski Elements.

The new collection of jewelry was unveiled at Illuminated Elegance: An Evening of Fashion at the company's New York Showroom.  Combining the brilliant Swarovski Elements with other design inspired precious items, four Jimmy Crystal designers Cassi Lin, Arielle Mason, Wendy Chen and Lene Lin lent their aesthetics to create works of wearable art.  Diamonds no longer need to be a girl's best friend when so many other bejeweled 'Elements' can apparently be decadently friendly and create another kind of BFF; Beautiful Freakin' Fashion!

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