In Land's End Canvas Lands' End Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review Womens Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Mail-Order Modern: Land's End Canvas Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

Catalog ordering has come a long way since the late 80's.  Why pinpoint that time in history?  It represents a time when a cool pair of acid-washed jeans or an Ocean Pacific rugby shirt was just a phone call and countless days of begging to my mom away.  The Sears and Spiegel catalogs were my link to attainable fashion before the days of my 'independent working high school student' thing.  Not that my brother had bad style, I just needed to begin to cultivate my own and hand-me-downs were no longer acceptable.  Fit became an issue due to my brother's larger size and with my 'In need of a few meals' frame, I needed to build up my closet.  Having a tailor as a father was a convenience as I quickly realized that not everything I ordered fit like the scrubbed Cali-blond 11 year old skater donning it in the catalog.

Well catalog ordering still exists and has thankfully evolved into on-line ordering as well.  There seems a movement now to make on-line ordering more of a painless out-of-store experience centered around lifestyle and plausibility.  Clothing that makes you not have to think too hard but still satisfies several wardrobe needs is quite plausible in this modern, fast-paced, multitasking internet age.  Getting the details such as color, fit and neutrality just right is very appealing to the modern shopper as it creates a way for them to either feel perfectly in compliance or makes a safe pallet on which to build upon creatively.  There is a large consensus of us who want our clothing to continue to build on our current mindset so it's great that companies like Land's End and in particular their Canvas Collection serve to create a sense of ease.

It's that ease that continues to make the online/catalog ordering experience one that makes the consumer not necessarily miss a retail store.  Land's End Canvas is a trim update of the Land's End aesthetic with a modern approach to color, print, fit, trend and the marketability of it all.  For Spring 2013 the story continues to be one that has chapters of great ready to wear separates that one can incorporate into their already existing wardrobe, create a new full wardrobe and also incorporate into their already functional lifestyles.

Some highlights this season from Canvas are pigments dyed khakis for men and women that create depth and a subtle textural appeal to the traditional fabric.  There is a great story in the combination of muted color prints with solid bold and sherbet colors all accentuated with little colored accents in the form of belts, facings and trimmings.  Two favorite womenswear highlights were a delightful pair of eyelet shorts in the most sweetest of confectionary color combinations and a super easy to wear shirtdress in a tribal print that is feasible to be worn as a dress with a great gladiator sandal or with slim pegged trousers and cozy foldable ballet flats or moccasins.  A couple of cool menswear highlights were a color-blocked cardigan made from the fabric remnants off the floor of an Italian mill (how's that for green fashion) and a great cycling jacket with hidden treasures like button back hems, discreet documents pockets and armholes that allow great ease of motion while riding.

This Canvas collection from its great shrunken sweatshirts to the chambray accented details on many items has made me fall in love with Land's End aesthetic again.  Affordable, easy yet stylish clothing to build upon with a good fit for everyone from the modern informed 'fashionably conscious' to 'regular Joes (and Joannes)' alike.

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