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Operation Preservation: Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Skin Care Line

We're all trying to find ways to pickle ourselves to forever look like the age when our bodies and faces looked their most vibrant, buoyant and youthful.  However, unless you live in a giant pickle jar, it's virtually impossible.  Everything will always and eventually catch up with you.  So thank goodness there are those brands that support our preservation endeavors in ways that won't solve a problem while leading to others.  By that I mean, it's better to achieve great skin, our largest organ, by making sure that what we put on it is beneficial to it rather than settling for something that later on down the line will lead to other ailments due to things like man-made ingredients or the unknowns that many cosmetics companies are still not required to list. (Subtle jab)

That's why a company like Burt's Bees is so good.  They take the time to show you they care about skincare so you will look as though you care about your skin.  Take, for example, their new Intense Hydration Skin Care Line made with Clary Sage.  Clary Sage is an unstoppable herb that thrives in the hills of the Mediterranean due to its amazing ability to trap and retain moisture.  Also, if it wasn't already known, if you want your skin to look and feel softer and younger longer then its needs to be properly hydrated.  Think about that the next time you head out to the rum bar or gin mill without lotioning up after your shower.

Burt's Bees has used the dynamic Clary Sage in five new products under the Intense Hydration umbrella:  an Eye Cream, Day Lotion, Treatment Mask, Facial Cleanser and Night Cream.  Ditch the pickle jar and grab these products as in addition to the clary sage that helps retain moisture, there's also bitter orange peel extract known to enhance water retention and mafura butter rich in essential fatty acids.  Sealing the deal are also antioxidant and emollient rich tucuma butter and skin-sourishing probiotic technology.  The wonderfully herbal and subtly-sweet fragrance are a refreshing finish to a product that promotes worthwhile investments: your skin and that mental fountain of youth.

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