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Spring Forward: HHBrown Spring/Summer 2013 Mens Footwear Preview

A man can't walk through life without shoes.  Especially when the shoes make the man and make or break the outfit.  Who better to know that than three companies?  One's been dressing men's feet for over 200 years, one's been collaborating with designers and Hollywood heartthrobs alike and the other's been paving its way with hand-craftsmanship and comfort.

HHBrown recently hosted a press preview for Spring 2013 and I must say that although I love Fall and Winter dressing, my feet are itching to don some of what's in store for Spring.  Their three mens labels Walk Over Shoes, Vintage Shoe Company and Born Shoes have offered up well made, personality filled, color and texturized options for Spring that will have men 'podiatrically' satisfied.

Walk Over Shoes
You've got to know a little bit about making a great shoe in order to have lasted in the mens shoe biz since 1758.  This Spring Walk Over Shoes continues to deliver what they do best with well-made bucks and chukkas with little nuances of color either sandwiched in the sole or in the decorative stitching & lacing.  The upcoming Spring season also sees the company collaborating with Vibram® on their suede bucks and adding broken-in and relaxed finishing like burnishing to the skins of their oxfords.

Vintage Shoe Company
Let me preface this report by starting with the fact that Vintage Shoe Company makes shoes with character.  That character can be a little badass, a touch suave or even chicly laid-back.  For Spring 2013, they will be offering all three.  The leathers for the upcoming Spring season have a collective lived in yet still pristine feel.  The silhouettes range from boots to chukkas to oxfords to an 'oh so covetable' relaxed loafer that looks so on the money for Spring 2013.

Born Shoes
Comfy dress up dress down shoes with little inklings of eccentricities are a good way to sum up Born Shoes' Spring 2013 offerings.  Loafers than can go from a warm spring day to a great evening and trainers that can work well with khakis to shorts to dress pants to jeans were key in this collection.  Born Shoes' usage of simple clean lines and non-fussy styles adorned with little accents are what make them a notable label to wear.

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