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The British Are Coming: Nolcha Fashion Week Menswear Collections Spring/Summer 2013

It seems that when you look back, much of US style derivatives have come from across the waters.  The Brits have been influencing US menswear for centuries.  While British mens fashion take a lot of their cues from tradition, American mens fashion has made a way of life by taking traditions and stripping them down to create a style that is more or less dictated by current situation, trend and feeling.

Well this past New York Fashion Week, Rusk presented Nolcha Fashion Week and showcased four designers who ceremoniously carried on the tradition of British fashion landing in the US.  All relatively new designers, they presented commendable collections ranging from casual clothing to tailored clothing and traditional to seditionaries influence to a packed house at New York's Chelsea Piers.

Pretty Green
Casual sportswear-based collection that focused on a laid-back artistic slacker aesthetic merged with a utilitarian form follows function vibe

 A cool collection with strong knits and a surfer in the city mood with pops of easy to dress up or down cozy tailoring and outfitted in Cat Footwear

Bolongaro Trevor
A modern and pared down punky nod with touches of period uniform detailing and screen-printing with a trim fit and wash & wear frame of reference 

 Richard Smith Prêt à Porter
A crisply tailored collection for men of all body types that showcased the beauty of a classically tailored fit and the timelessness of well-woven menswear fabrics 

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