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The Weather? No Worry! Allegri Milano Jersey Peacoat

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is forced to have dinner with Elaine's curmudgeon dad.  Well as you may recall, he spends a mint on a buttery soft brown suede jacket which he wear to the dinner.  When it starts to snow he attempts to turn the jacket lining side out to protect the skin and is promptly forced to turn it back to the right side by Elaine's dad who refuses to walk next to a guy displaying the loud candy cane lining.  Sometimes the weather catches you off guard and although you dry (eventually) and get over it, your clothing doesn't always very well have the same luxury.  It's bad enough that some mornings have to consist of either a game of musical chairs for a seat in a cab or the 'train traffic ahead' announcements that you could almost set your watch by but to be beholden to dodgy weather, for me, takes the cake.

Between the MacBook and the sketchbook, the magazines and the gym clothes, I for one don't need the added annoyance of carrying an umbrella especially if its not going to rain.  I'd rather put my trust in a well-rounded thoughtful wardrobe that can take a beating if it had to, than the meteorologist's Doppler Radar 3000.  Further, although I love my rainwear, but I'd also like to save it for the days when it actually rains. The fall/winter brings the added annoyance of snow, sleet in addition to rain but fortunately Allegri brings an update to make the annoying less so.

I am familiar with Allergri's research into combining unorthodox textiles to conjure up insightful, wonderfully tailored and cosmopolitan-appropriate outerwear for the man who checks the weather by just simply looking upwards.  So now I am so pleased to learn to they've got me covered like an umbrella and have taken further strides to satisfy my need to kill several birds with one stone as it pertains to my wardrobe.  This season they introduce their double wool jersey Milano Jersey Peacoat.  Think of the warm comfort and molding fit of a tight knit heavy gauge jersey together with a tailored trim fit of a blazer.  Then top it all off with a Teflon ® coating that is virtually invisible and leaves a softer hand than waxy coatings.  It's a well worth it comfort that provides a great deal of comfort for the days when the weather should be the least of your worries.

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